HTIB systems that can handle both MUSIC and MOVIES



Hi all, need some advice regarding purchasing a HTIB/all in one system.

I am looking to buy a speaker system that plays BOTH movies AND music perfectly or as close to perfect as possible. I am willing to spend up to £400 or so. I don't necessarily need a DVD player in the package but 5 speakers, a great sub-woofer and powerfull amp/receiver are compulsory.

I'm going to be using the system via a digital connection from my line out of my PC going into the digital input of the amp. Therefore using my DVD-ROM as the DVD player. I'm also looking to use my turntable to connect into an AUX input on the amp, using 2-phono inputs.

I haved looked at most of the 'mainstream' systems and have come to the conclusion that most of them really handle music like a HI-FI system and most of the music sounds disappointing. Alot of Sony's packages sound awful especially DAV-5 and 6 when a CD is played, however movies of course seem reasonably good. The same goes with alot of the Philips, Pioneer and Panasonic ones.

I'm looking at a system that pumps out alot of wattage;
speakers: >80 watts per speaker
sub woofer: >100 watts

But I have managed to narrow down my selection to the following brands:

Onkyo HTS-760

Onkyo HTS-650 or 660 (but these Onkyo systems seem really hard to find in the U.K.

Jamo DVD 50/A305 package

Mordaunt Short Premiere

Denon SCAV-F100

I'm wondering whether anyone can shed any light on this aspect of the market i.e. med-high end complete package systems? Does anyone know any systems that output both music and movies at a high quality as this combo seems hard to find?

Any feedback is most appreciated, cheers...


Someone surely has bought a speaker system that is excellent at playing both movies and music, please guys I really need the advice...


i think the problem is that "Good" is a subjective word
and At £400 there isn't a system that is good at music and movies. A £400 music system (Stereo) would be good
and A £400 movie system is good with movies. But neither are designed to do both well!
At £400 and under pioneer models are the most musical and are still good with movies but for good music you'd be looking £1000 + IMHO


Thanks for the reply Bobby, that is pretty much the same conclusion I have also come to. It doesn't seem like the technology has advanced yet to have a hifi and cinema system rolled into one at a reasonable price. I guess it is still a few years away now.

I think I'm probably going to veer towards a strong music/sound system with a 2.1 setup that could be expanded if I choose to do so in the future to a 5.1 setup (for 'true' surround sound).

Do you know any great 2.1 speaker+sub systems at £400 that can be expanded? I'm thinking of getting this system: Blueroom's Minipod speakers

I still have to read the reviews but they look great and have the option to expand up to 5.1


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the Mordaunt Short Premiere's are fantastic. However, they take a sizeable chunk of your £400 budget. You won't get an av amp, let alone one which will do them justice for £100.

I'd recommend you check the Tannoy fx5.1 speaker package at £200 (down from £480) and the Yamaha RXV440 , which you may find for £200, with abit of luck


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These suggestions might not be the absolute best musical set up compared to excellent Minipods, however they cost at cheapest, £330/pair (limited choice of colours or £350 for full choice - - and you have still have no sub.

I'm no expert on hifi speakers, I'm sure if you put a question at the speakers department you will get hifi pair suggestions at the £100-£200 level.

Tannoy's FX5.1, very good for the price - - silver version for £178.95, Richersounds (RS) might beat that by £10 = £168.95. Upgrading to 6.1, only £30+£7.99 delivery for single speaker and stands at £39 per pair +£7.99 del at - - RS price beat? Total 6.1set up (FX5.1 bundles 25m but no sub-cable) <£210.

MS Premiere again, really good stuff, £250 - - £240 at RS with price beat. No cables though, just to bear in mind.

Wharfedale Diamond Valdus - new £150 - - consists of Diamond 8 floorstanders, 8.2 surrounds and Valdus centre - excellent speakers. Again no cables though.

Eltax ( from the country that produces highly known Dynaudio, Jamo and Dali) have some cheap but good options, where the front speakers are floorstands with good bass, if you can live without a sub for a while - Eltax Moviemaxx 5.0 £133 - - or Eltax Hollywood 5.0 110 -
Hornydragon as well as other members, can confirm that Eltax is not a bad brand considering their pricing.

Yamaha HTR-6540RDS for £203 at RS (the silver version of RX-V440) very good for film & music. Many very satisfied owners. But only 1 optical and 1 coaxial input, which limits digital sources.

Denon AVR-1604 only £200 (down from £230), at - - also good for film and music, well equipped as well, 3 optical ins, adjustable crossover filters.

Sony STR-DB790S - absolutely raved on both magazines and the forum, only £230 at - - The only thing lacking is adjustable crossover filters.

A question though, even if you have great great speakers and amp, the CD source that you are using doesn't seem to make sense to me, unless you are perhaps using HDCD's?



I'm really close to buying a DENON ADVM71 system myself. I've read reviews, and music quality is excellent (as you'd expect from DENON !) and although it hasn't got 5.1, the Dolby Virtual Surround system (the DENON is the first system with this) is meant to be quite impressive making the soundstage expand to the sides rather than the front. Also, the virtual centre channel is supposedly excellent. have it offered by itself, with the DENON SCM51 speakers, and with the recently announced 2.1 package with 2 satellite speakers and a sub. Superfi also do it, but just by itself, or with the SCM51's they don't have the 2.1 system listed yet . . .

If I were you I would check this out . . .

Hope this helps,



Thanks alot guys for all your great replies, spent ages going through all the system suggestions you provided.

Rozzar, the Mordaunt Short Premiere sys seems great both in the design sense and, from what the reviews say, the audio sense aswell. But I'm looking for some speakers that have at least 100w. The Yamaha amp you suggested seems v. powerful and am having a look in it.

Wasabi, thanks for the effort and your enormous amount of suggestions, much appreciated. Out of all the speakers you proposed, I was impressed with the Eltax models. They seem to be well built and the brand name seems to be starting to get some recognition. The Sony amp you suggested is awesome and is exactly what I need but looks like I'm gonna find it difficult getting one for less than 200+ but there is always eBay :)

You asked about my cd source, well initially I will have the system connected to my pc which will use the cd-rom and dvd-rom to play both music and movies. Obviously using this method won't able me to maximise the full potential of any powerful system but it will give me a bit of breathing space while I look for alternatives with regards to either upgrading my soundcard to a much more powerful one or going down the CD/DVD player separates route with a TV. Oh and the small matter of money aswell.

Gorilla, those Denon speakers do look especially sweet but again the wattage is a bit too low for me.

I think I have decided to go down the minipod route. I will purchase 2 silver minipods, an amp and a separate powered sub-woofer (definitely not Blueroom's version though).
Thanks again guys...


All I would say is don't get over-awed with the numbers. Do you REALLY need 100W speakers ?? That's a hell of a lot of sound, you'd better have a big, detached house, or you're not going to be friends with your neighbours much longer :D

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