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HTIB or new receiver/sub?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by halftone, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. halftone


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    Hi newbie here...still living with my old Sony Pro-Logic receiver and some PSB A/V speakers. I want to set up a home theatre and would appreciate some help.

    My room is about 500-525 square feet. I want something that sounds good with music. My budget is $500 Canadian ($400 or so US$)
    Like i said above, i currently have a pair of nice PSB bookshelf A/V speakers, which i quite like. Also have a PSB centre channel which i has been sitting is storage for years now. My plan was to take my old Sony receiver and the PSB's and use them for my computer speakers(i produce music, so i thought these would be work fine as monitors) and then purchase a HTIB system. Now that i've done some research, i'm not sure which way to go. If i do purchase a HTIB - i was leaning towards the Yamaha DVXS150B system (i know many of you would recommend the ONKYO S770 system, but i cannot find any dealers who sell this in my city (Calgary).

    Would the Yamaha be a decent system, or should i think about purchasing a subwoofer, a new receiver, and some rear channel speakers and make my own home theatre? if so, what would you recommend?

    (even though i cannot find any dealers who sell the S770 system, there are places that have ONKYO receivers/speakers for sale here - i guess i could check about ordering a S770...)

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