HTC wildfire crashes with three android logos onscreen


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HI.I have an HTC wildfire which has been fine, but now quite frequently the phone shows on start up the three android logos and phone does not respond.To solve this normally requires pulling the battery then it seems fine for a bit.And on at least one occasion it reset to default values.The phone was unlocked for any network (I won't be the first and I won't be the last to do this has plenty seem to have it done generally without any problems).I don't know if the unlocking procedure has produced this problem or it's a common fault with this generation of HTC wildfire/phones?.Is there a way to solve this IE. connect it to your PC and download some firmware or something?.Because has you can appreciate it's not worth having it fixed somewhere because the original wildfire is an old model now and it would not be cost effective to have it fixed anyway.


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