HTC Sensation multiple text messages!


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Hi all.....

Got an HTC Sensation yesterday and the first thing I did when charged was send a group text to the people in my contacts list. All fine and good, except one person received the text 199 times over an hour or so. I checked my account and found that I now had £12 unbilled charges......I also noted a few other numbers were repeated 2 or 3 times over a few seconds.....the original message was sent but, obviously, not the later ones.....I am fast but even I need more than 1 second to send a text.....:D

I have spoken to T-Mobile and they are giving me the texts back and I have to wait for my bill to see if I am actually charged, but I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar? I am not a big user of texts, so have just 500 a month.....athough that won't last ling at this rate!

I know some of the texts didn't send first time, so multiple attempts were made, but only one number was seriously affected.

Please help!



Edit - just checked my wife's account and noticed that she has several numbers that have supposedly been sent texts within a few seconds of each other. Not to the extent of my account but still increases risk of going over allowance. She is t-mobile with a this an HTC issue or T-mobile?
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Were they actual text messages or multimedia messages - ie. a business card?

I'm on T-Mobile, using a HTC Desire and I have found that when an undelivered SMS or MMS occurs, the recipient often receives the message when it can deliver, along with all the other failed attempts as well.

I've ever experienced to the problem to the extent you have though and it has never cost me money, so I probably wouldn't notice it on my bill.



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Normal texts....seems to have been just that occurrence, and T-mobile will refund me......just keeping an eye on it for now....

Yes, it was strange...... :)

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