HTC One Recommend apps


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I like many of you have just got my new phone coming from an iPhone I am completely new to HTC and Android

I thought this could be a good thread for every to recipient some apps

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Good idea, that I would appreciate also.
As well as the common Amazon, Facebook, Flixter, I also have IGN.
I have just installed Nova Launcher as I'm not sure if I like Blinkfeed or not.
I really like Window Phone 8 Live Tiles, but can't find app to replicate it. You could always get one if the iPhone themed launchers to make u feel at home.
I haven't managed to program the phone to operate my TV and Sky HD box etc yet, which will be really good and very unique to this phone only.
I also want to find a good email programme, that picks up all my outlook folders and is easy to see / use. The installed one doesn't seem that clear to me...
I would love to hear what some of the more experienced folk use app wise.


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I downloaded nova launcher but didn't really understand how it works I don't like blink feed either.


I have the above and they are pretty good


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CardDav is good for anyone wanting to sync their icloud contacts to the htc
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I have lots.

K9 email client is good.
Advanced task killer is useful
Appy geek for all my tech news.
Wifi manager as its more competent than the system one (on my phone)
XBMC remote
Go sms pro

I think though apps are a personal choice though as people like different finishes


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My most used apps are:

Carbon (twitter app)
ES File Explorer
GSam Battery Monitor
TV Guide UK
WP Notifications (Banner at top of screen when new events occur, sms, mail etc)
MX Player (for videos)


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Is there a way to remove the standard GMail app? It's slow with regards to notifications...


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I doubt it as its a google os. But just add another app and take the account from one to the other. Or disable notifications on one.


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If you do not like HTC Sense download Apex Launcher it's really good and customisable


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Rooting the phone (if it's even available yet) and using titanium backup will allow you to remove any app eg gmail

My recommend apps are

Notify my android
Google music
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I media share is a good one steam to my playstation 3


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Has anyone got a torch / flashlight installed ?! I use to have one on my old phone and was so useful. Can't get anything to work on my HTC Desire C ?!


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I've just come from an iPhone 5 as well. And so far I'm loving the phone. I use

IPhone messages

Does anybody have a good anti virus app that doesn't drain the battery? I was using avast but I'm sure it was that that was killing my battery.

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