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Hi, I've got the HTC hero with t mobile uk. About to go to Barceolna for a few days and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using it abroad, in terms of expenses incurred with regard to the internet.

I had a quick chat with T mobile, and the woman I spoke to told me that internet browsing would be expensive, to the tune of £1.50 per MB (don't really know how much this is, but she spoke to some technical person who said that sending 66 emails was equal to 1 MB. Dunno how accurate this is!). However she also told me that turning on the mobile internet would itself cost £1.50. She also said that if I just leave the mobile internet off throughout the entire trip, I might have problems getting an internet connection again after I get back to the UK.

I don't need to use the phone for internet use, and I was quite willing to have the mobile internet connection turned off until she told me that! Also, since I'm using the modaco rom version 2.2, if anything does go wrong with the phone, T mobile probably won't help out with warranty etc!

Just wondering if you guys had any experience or knowledge in this matter. I might just play it safe, and take my sim out and put it into an old phone to take with me to Barcelona, and leave the Hero at home in the UK.


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That woman is talking BS. Turning the internet off will not affect the phone being able to reconnect later. The phone lets you turn off data, and has separate settings for roaming. Roaming data is disabled by default.


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What Ch3tan said basically, the phone wouldnt have the feature if it resulted in that :)

and the absolute worse! (which is probably impossible) is the APN setting may be lost or forgotten and then all you need to do is do a search on here and re-type them :)

Go use your phone mate, BUT MAKE SURE INTERNET IS OFF !! haha or it will cost you a bomb.

Ps have a nice trip :thumbsup:

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