HTC Flyer with Honeycomb - user reviews?


Hi All, after much deliberation on the various circa£200 tablets around atm (my budget) I'm leaning towards the HTC flyer 3G 32gb, as; 3G data out and about, and the pen will be good for usage with the course I'm studying.

However, I wanted to see if there were any user reviews of the honeycomb update? I've seen a youtube clip when the update was first available but it looked a bit slow/glitchy. Can anyone confirm, or hopefully deny, this?

Thank you
I'd take a look over at XDA Developers and see what folk are saying there, I already have a Playbook but I'm half tempted to pickup one of these, the 3G could be handy!
I think that if your willing to play around with it that Ice Cream Sandwich can be put on the Flyer already as well..
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