Ht2xx/3xx ceiling mounts


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I'm looking into a sim ht2xx/3xx projector.
What types of ceiling mounts are available for these?
Anyone with any experience in this area?
I assume flush mounting is OK wrt air flow?

Thanks for any help :)


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The Sim2 ceiling/wall bracket kit works with all the single chip models.
It's a very versatile kit allowing you to have the projector anywhere from close coupled to 1.25m from the ceiling. Can also be used for wall mounting the projector.
They cost about £150

Jeff :rtfm:


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I used a Unicol ceiling mount with my Domino 20, as the projector was white I was able to have the Unicol powder coated in white to match, looks better than being painted white by hand or sprayed white from a can! :smashin:


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Thanks Jeff & Ratbert.

Jeff is there any specs for this bracket? Pictures/drawing showing screw holes with dimensions?

Ratbert, which model did you use? Or is there just the one on their site?


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