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Hi all, been an occasional visitor of these forums, and this is my first post.

I'm hoping some HT1100 owners maybe able to help me out. After seing this in action at the Bristol Show i ordered one. I have just recently set it up. However i have found that the picture quality is really bad. I think it is something to do with the pj setup.

I'm getting vertical banding, plus picture is fussy and the colour is just wrong (can't think how to explain it). I know it isn't the source (tried TV and DVD) and they give the same picture. Tried SCART and composite connections.

According to the manual, some of the effects that i'm seeing should be corrected by using the Auto adj button (which says doesn't work) or using the menu options for adjusting phase and clock settings (which are greyed out, so can't adjust them).

I would apprecite any help with this, as at the moment am feeling somewhat disappointed. May old 48in RPTV was far better.

Peter Parker

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I've never heard of thoses effects from another HT1100 or HT1000 either, so maybe you have a bad unit.

Using a normal DVD player via s-video or even composite should give you a reasonable picture without any of the artefacts you see.

The auto adjust is for the DVI, so that's why you can't use it.

Are the settings all at default? If you have the brightness too high that can cause some strange efects with the source, but at the moment,it sounds like a defetive unit.

Can you get any pictures we can see?



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I'm assuming it was brand new out of the box, but just to be sure try reset to factory defauts, and check again.

Are you using the same cable when testing from different sources? If so, try other cables if possible.

As above, you should get a very good picture, out of the box, without the need to adjust to any great degree. Most likley faulty components, but check the cheap ones first (cables, power cords etc..)


OK, been a complete idiot. After checking cables and connections, I gave the loaned screen a better look. This was the completely wrong screen and was causing most of the problems. In the end I found an old white bed sheet (clean though), gave it a good iron and pinned it too the wall.

Suddendly all the problems have gone (TV still not perfect but I know this is due to the source). Tried DVD playback on xbox, really good and after my brother came round with a load of component cables I was able to hook up to my proper DVD player, that can output progressive. Totally impressed with picture.

I'm glad that I didn't have a go at the suppliers now ( i suspected it would be something stupid).
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