HT-Z9F / ZF9 Soundbar distortion / crackling


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So I was watching Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation earlier and had the volume set to 32.

While the sound at first was bold and powerful and sounded detailed, it wasn't long before I noticed crackling and from the orchestra scene to just about any scene where sounds get louder than usual I couldn't help but get distracted by the crackling.

I'm really confused. Have I set this up wrong? Do I need to raise or lower the DB levels? is the distance setting all wrong and that's why a little over half of the maximum volume is too much for the soundbar to handle???

This soundbar packs a whopping 400W

My previous soundbar had only 80W (HT-CT80) and although of course that crackled much easier, it was still able to project a fair amount of sound before doing so.

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'This soundbar packs a whopping 400W' - ignore those figures, just marketing hype.

Crackling Audio - is either A. the Source content is distorted, B. the Source overdriving the Input on the Soundbar, C. the Soundbar reaching its maximum capabilities or D. the Soundbar is faulty (could be amplification or a loudspeaker driver).

'Do I need to raise or lower the DB levels?' - when an amplifier or loudspeaker driver is distorting you want to be reducing the Volume level not increasing it.

'sounds get louder than usual' and 'of course that crackled much easier' - I suspect you require a more capable sound system if you are inducing distortion on a regular basis, use a Sound Meter App on your Mobile phone to get an idea of how loud you are actually listening to the system (measure from your preferred seat).


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