HT-TX35R speaker port problem


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May 8, 2008
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Got my Samsung HT-TX35R today & i've just set it up quickly to see what it's like but the center speaker port & the rear left port don't seem to be working, the speakers are fine as i can play them in the other ports but it's just these 2.
I don't have the dvd connected to anything, it's just playing a music but that wouldn't be the problem as the other ports are working fine. Should i send it back or is there something i can do?


Just found out i had to change the audio mode. :)

Whilst this threads here i'm really happy with it, looks great & the sound really is good. Can't wait to get it set-up properly.
That is an odd combination, but you've done the correct thing in checking that it's not the speakers. I can't really think of anything else you can try. Sounds like it has to go back to me.
Hi, thanks for the reply. I managed to sort it out, because i didn't have a screen wired up i couldn't change the settings so i checked the book & it said to change modes for cds.

Got a little worried then.
Cheers, next time i'll wait a bit longer before making a help thread.:smashin:

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