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Hi there, once again i call on all your help and wisdom (i love sucking up).

Recently got a new HT setup which includes:

KefIQ5 SE Fronts
IQ6C Centre
IQ3 Rears
Denon 1909 Amp
Squeezebox Classic running lossless music

I listen to a wide variety of music including alot of rock but also spanning into hiphop, classical etc.

Music is the most important aspect for me, aslong as movies sound ok i'm not overly picky about this side, but music im more ... lets say picky. Im generally pretty pleased with my setup but still think music quality could be better.

I have been playing around with the amp and speakers now for a few weeks, and recently discovered that music seems to sound better in pure direct mode. I was under the impression that unless you have a really fantastic stereo setup with 'flawless' speakers that using some form of EQ was required. What do others use? :rolleyes:

I've been trying to figure out what the weakest link is in my setup. I was planning on getting a sub at somepoint anyway, possibly the KEF Kube 2. Im just trying to figure out whats going to improve my systems musical quality the most. I originally was thinking the sub would be the best bet, but have been considering lots of different options for example using a seperate stereo amplifier for when im playing stereo music. I've considered scrapping the front speakers and going for something bigger/better but then i question the need for this as my listening area is pretty tiny in reality, its a small double bedroom.

As you can probably tell i'm very confused by all of this. I'm just looking at the best option for upgrading the overall musical sound of my system without spending the earth.

Any opinions are welcomed aswell as greatly appreciated.

(my gut feeling says the sub will be the best option as the Kef's are only small for floorstanders)


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Looking at the:

Kef Kube 2


MS 309i

any opinions?

I must admit i really like the look of the Kube but thats not the point is it :nono:


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