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I invite all to share experiences on HT setup/accessories to realize full potential.

I am using Denon 5900 + Marantz VP12S2 + Tributaries DVI cable.

The other day I went to a most hi-end home theater shop and they showed Shakespeare In Love. The system consisted of Lexicon DVD player, DVDO scaler, FireHawk screen (with mask), and JVC D-ILA projector. I don’t believe that I must judge that my system is better. Their system was set up badly and, thus, Lots of edges, very bad details.

I think that setup is very important. For my system, I don’t allow one cable to touch another. No cable touches floor/wall. I used electricity purifiers, plenty of tip-toes, ceramics,……. My system is giving stunning details.

Hi Sukasem,

found you. :hiya:
Like I said, I'm a complete nitwit concerning all things electrical, so I would appreciate your advice on the following:
When I ordered my amp (Denon AVC-A1XV) and speakers (Naim Allae, N-center, N-sats and B&W PV1) the other day I was suddenly confronted with the matter of cabling. I asked the guy in the shop if there was something to be gained (sound quality-wise) by investing in more expensive speaker cable, but he sort of shrugged and said that a better (read: more expensive cable) would improve sound quality a bit, but it wouldn't be spectacular). Since I just bought some pretty high-end stuff (for me it is, anyway) I didn't want to risk too cheap a cable (after all: what's the point of buying good equipment and then not realising its potential by dragging it down with inferior cables) so I decided to go for Naim's own NAC A5. This is a "double barrel" -cable (sorry, don't know the right word for it), consisting of two parallel 3 mm. bundles of about 15 or so copper wires molten in a very rigid plastic coating. Both bundles are 7 mm. apart. For an image go to: http://
A day later I suddenly remembered reading something about parallel cables being more susceptible to high frequency interference. I also remember having heard somewhere that digital equipment or cables (like the 10 meters of HDMI cable I use to connect my pj to my amp) "generate"(/carry?) high frequency signals. This would of course make my choice of cable very poor.
My question (finally) is this: is there any truth in this story or am I worrying too much?
Since it will take at least two weaks for my equipment to arrive I can still change my choice of cables. But if this NAIM NAC A5 is a poor choice, what should I do then?
Any advice, as always, will be appreciated.

Hi Kax,

Glad you found me. Please be acknowledged that I am no expert, just an amateur and no less nitwit than you are. But very dedicated.

Nevertheless, I somehow have had many experiments with many things and have some “concepts” of which many I am pretty confident to be beneficial to others.

You should connect DVD player directly to your PJ. Passing through Amp, picture will be degraded.

It seems that your front (Allae) is rather large for your center(N), you need to the set “speaker size” through your Amp. accordingly and eventually, in the future, you might need to upgrade your center to a larger one(Axess, if you are still stick to Naim). Center speaker and Sub woofer play key role in watching movies. Putting tip toes under your center speaker is a must.

Yesterday I watched "Hero"(Chinese movie) and I forgot to turn on my amp. for front speakers(I use 2 amps.;one for center and surround, the other for front). Until I finished the movie and had to turn off everything that I found out that I forgot to turn it on. This is to express that center speaker is so very important. (My B&W HTM2 gives very good soundstage and stunning details.)

Anyway, your sub woofer is very good already.

All good/matching cables always yield good results and totally worthy. Your speaker cable looks just a standard cable which, you might need to upgrade it. Post your question in cable forum to get some suggestions for matching cable for your speakers. I am using JPS cables(

For cables, IMO, we should search for very good ones since they can stay with us for a long, long time. When you have very good cables, they stay, though you may change many components. After 2-3 receivers, I am using separates (pre amp, power amp) and many cables have not been replaced.

Decide how dedicated you will be and invest proportionately.

You should also visit these;

Good luck and have a good time.


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