HT-R990 vs TX-NR609


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Hi All.

I see there is no owner's thread for the HT-R990, nor the bundle that it is a part of, HT-S9400THX.

I am wondering if anyone out there is informed on the differences between the two receivers.

From what I can tell, here are a few differences:

4 HDMI inputs
1 subwoofer pre-out (7.1)
Older remote control (not like I'll use it anyway)

6 HDMI inputs (1 in front)
2 subwoofer pre-outs (7.2)
Newer remote control (not like I'll use it anyway)

And a few similarities:

100W per chan @ 8ohm
Powered 2nd room
HDMI v1.4a
Same CODEC's?

Is the OSD the same?
Are the DAC & amps the same?

Does the 609 have better support with firmware updates and such? Or do they have the same firmware and are updated at the same time? It seems like very few people have the HT-R990 compared to the TX-NR609, so I just don't want to jump on a deal for the 990 if the 609 is much better.

Any input and/or personal opinions are welcome. Thanks.


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Also, does anyone know if the following devices have issues with either of the receivers. I've read about lots of people having issues with video failing to display and whatnot.

New XBOX360 via HDMI for both sound & video
Older fat PS3 via HDMI for both sound & video
PC w/GeForce GTX 5600 using DVI-to-HDMI cable & optical audio with all sound output being DTS 5.1 encoded
Apple TV (1st gen) via HDMI for both sound & video
New DirecTV HD DVR and/or non-DVR HD receiver via HDMI for sound & video
Galaxy Nexus phone via MHL-to-HDMI

Epson Cinema 8350 projector via HDMI



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I have the HT-R990.

I've hooked both fat and slim versions of both 360 and PS3 - All HDMI 1.4. No issues. 5.1/7.1 works fine with the media I've tested through them. I can't speak for the other items you're asking about.

And I don't know about the 609, sorry.

Battlefield 3 on the HT-S9400THX sounds incredible.


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Thanks ambient6. I avoided the Onkyo's just because of all the reported problems with their HDMI signals. I scored a Yamaha A810 for $580, B-STOCK so the warranty is 1.5 years instead of 3, but it's a great receiver. Pretty sure I like it a lot more than the Onkyo 609/709.


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I'm not an audiophile or have much knowledge of audio, but was thinking of replacing the receiver with the Pioneer VSX-1121-K. Purely based on reviews though. Or would you recommend your receiver.


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That's a good receiver too. I'd say it's a pretty tough choice between the two. That Pioneer might be a little more powerful actually. I didn't check out Pioneer enough when I was hunting for a receiver - I kind of got stuck on Onkyo/Denon/Yamaha. Also, I bought a Pioneer on Black Friday a couple years ago because I needed HDMI inputs and could not make it sound nearly as good as my 10 year old Sony. I decided to not get Pioneer unless it was their Elite line.

Sorry I can provide any more insight to the VSX-1121-K. Good luck with your purchase if you do upgrade.

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