HT-R538 wont read from Optical


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Hi everyone,

I cannot get DD audio through my A/V from my Sky+ box.

I have my onkyo HT-R538 connected with my sky+ box. I am sure it is all connected ok but here is the setup i have anyway:

Sky+ - Onkyo by HDMI for video
Sky+ - Onkyo by Optical for audio
Sky+ set to Dplby Digital Output

Onkyo set to correct hdmi (I see picture fine)
Onkyo set to Correct Optical (I hear audio fine)

Now, the issue appears to be that the Onkyo does not take the audio from the optical but instead it takes it from the HDMI. I sussed this much out by having everything running and then unplugging the HDMI cable from the Onkyo. Obviously I no longer get a picture but I still hear the audio and the display on the onkyo then changes from PCM and HDMI icons showing, to both of them off and the Dolby Digital icon showing. This shows that it is NOW reading from the optical input. I've tried changing the optical channels but it is still the same.

Anyone have any ideas what the issue could be? :lease:

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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