HT-R518 DVD composite video / analog audio - no picture or sound!


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I am new to all this so apologies first of all..

I have a Popcorn Hour A110 and a HD satellite receiver connected to the AV receiver both using HDMI for video and Optical for audio. Both work fine. The TV is connected from the "HDMI out" on the AV receiver.

I also have a DVD player with an internal HDD for recording. This has an optical audio out, analog audio out (red and white cinch connector), s-video out and composite (?) video out (yellow cinch connector). I can't connect the audio to the AV receiver via the optical cable because I have already used up my 2 optical inputs from the PCH and the Sat receiver. (note: I think the PCH has a "coax" digital out, so I could free up one of the optical inputs on the AV receiver).

Anyway, I tried connecting the DVD player/recorder to the AV receiver using a cable with white/red/yellow cinch connectors for analogue audio and composite video. I also tried connecting via s-video to the AV receiver. But nothing works- I get no sound or picture. I have tried connecting the DVD player directly up to the TV and its fine.

I have checked on the AV receiver that no digital audio input is assigned but I don't know if there's anything else to check. Do I need to connect the AV receiver to the TV with another red/white/yellow analog audio and composite video table, as well as with the HDMI? I guess so, if the HDMI is only passed through the AV receiver..hmm...

But this would mean I need to change the AV input selection on the TV every time I am using the DVD player, which I guess is normal... but what's the point then putting the video from the DVD player through the AV receiver? Should the TV AV input selection change automatically?

Previously the DVD player was connected to the TV with SCART, but the AV receiver doesn't have a SCART input. Should I bother putting the video signal through the AV receiver at all? What difference does it make?

I hope you can sort out my jumble here!


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Hi all,

only my 2nd post so.. :hiya:

Anyway, I have an HD satellite receiver and a Popcorn Hour A110 connected via HDMI to HDMI IN 1/2 on the AV receiver. Great! The TV is connected via HDMI from the AV receiver.

If I have both components switched on and working, and then I switchthe AV receiver from "CBL/SAT" to "AUX" (the PCH) or vice versa, then I don't always get a picture on the TV.. unless I unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in again, or I switch one of the components off and back on again..

This is really annoying because I can't just switch using the remote control, which I imagine is the whole point. Does this problem lie with the individual components? Or the TV?

Is there something I can do so I don't have to reboot the PCH each time I switch the AV receiver to "AUX" just to get a picture?


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Hi all,

3rd post, so go easy on me :D

I have a DVD player/recorder with an internal HDD. I have connected the DVD player outputs to the AV receiver (although this doesn't work, but that's another thread!). I notice on the AV receiver there is a set of inputs and outputs for a VCR/DVR.

Basically I want to know the simplest / best set-up to be able to use my DVD player/recorder to record from the satellite receiver. (Being able to record any other AV receiver inputs would also be useful but not essential.)

Does the satellite receiver have to be connected directly to my DVD recorder or can it go via the AV receiver?


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with regard to Post#1:

I have fixed the problem with the DVD using analog audio and composite video.. i re-read the instructions and discovered I needed to connect the AV receiver to the TV using the same type of connection. This in addition to the HDMI connection for the other digital components.

with regard to Post#2:

I didn't have this problem last night.. switching the AV input on the AV receiver did indeed switch the video correctly from the Popcorn Hour (HDMI) to the satellite receiver (HDMI).

with regard to Post #3:

I connected the AV receiver DVR (OUT) analog connections to the DVD Recorder's analog inputs. I connected the DVD PLayer/Recorder's analog outputs to the AV receiver's DVD analog inputs.

If I wish to record from the sat receiver (connected to the AV receiver using optical audio and HDMI video), then I believe I need to make analog connections aswell, since the DVD Recorder only has analog Inputs. Can someone confirm? I guess I then just need to tune the DVD player/recorder to the analog video signal.

thanks! :lease:

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