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    Hi guys, greeting from the Republic of Ireland. I've being lurking here for quite a while and have to say I've learnt a lot about HT. My wife and I have being trying to get a site for the past 12 months to build a house, in which we designed around a home theatre. The problem is we have very restrictive planning laws in this part of Ireland and we have finally given up.
    What we then decided to do is buy a house and try and incorporate a HT into it. Last week we found somewhere we like and have decided to go for it. The problem is the only room that is suitable is only 14” 7' X 11” 2'.
    As I am an electrician the builder is going to let me wire the house, so I need some tips for the home theatre. The main thing I need to know is about a projector. My budget for a projector is around IRL£4000 (appox. $5000).
    1. What size screen could I get into a room this size?
    2. Would I be better off with a fixed or motorised screen?
    3. What would I need to wire to the projector for DVD, computer, Digital satellite, VCR, terrestrial TV and maybe Playstation? Once it is wired I won't be able to get at the wiring again without major hassle.
    4. Is there something available that will bring all these things to the projector in one cable?
    5. My computer is in a different room 50” away will this cause a problem?
    6. What about Cat 5 cables, should I bring them all over the house? (slightly off topic).
    Hope some of you guys can offer some help and any other info I haven't mentioned would be great.
    Best wishes,
    Neil Cummins.

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