HT-D350 Home cinema audio problems

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by thulsadoom, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Hi all!
    My girlfriend has an HT-D350 setup, but it seems to have started having strange audio drop outs (just imagine the occasional fraction of a second with no sound, occurring anywhere from at worst repeatedly every few seconds to at best once or twice a minute). I just wondered if anyone else with this system has had a similar problem and maybe found a solution?

    We've tried to rule out the problem coming from the source, as it occurs from both the blu player, 360, and tv audio fed to the HT-D350. It doesn't seem to make sense it being the cables, either, because then it would be device specific or only one speaker.

    The only strange coincidence was that she updated her Samsung smart 3D TV the day before it started happening, but it seems unlikely that it's related, since obviously any audio would be going from e.g. blu ray player to HT-D350 before getting to the TV. However, I'm unfamiliar with these kind of all-in-one setups (I have separates) So I don't know if it might have an effect I'm not thinking of.

    We've tried various settings, but nothing seems to be doing the job. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!!

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