HT component selection - Synergy or Best of Brands?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by artyboy, Mar 14, 2006.

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    i've almost made a decision on getting the Yammy RX-V2600 AV amp to couple with the Pioneer PDP-436 plasma and Pioneer DV-989AVi DVD player. but at the back of my mind now (sigh...) im thinking if the Pioneer VSX-AX4-AVi amp wld be a better choice for total (brand) synergy? i've read abt
    'incompatibility' issues (esp re: HDMI output glitches) between different brand components in these forums, thats why having second thots. in fact my dealer and a friend had also recommended that i get a Pioneer AV amp too. any inputs from you guys on this issue? are Yammy AV amps "universal" enough to work alongside different brand components (they are one of the best in this field anyway) or wld it be prudent for me to stick to Pioneer? any advice/recommendations wld be much appreciated. thanks.

    p/s: the Pio VSX-AX4 got a 4* rating compared to the Yammy 2600's 5* from WHF mag.
    i couldn't find any in-depth review of the Pio VSX-AX4 on the web. sadly, the
    5* rated Pio VSX-AX10 & A5 amps both do not have HDMI input/outputs! different
    brand integration was not an issue 10 years ago but not so now with the curr-gen
    connection glitches (eg, HDMI output glitches as reported in these forums with
    regards to Philips and Sony).

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