HT 200 DM 16:9 and 2.35:1



As already mentioned my screen is a black border 16:9 format. I find if I fit a 2.35:1 image on it. even ignoring the lack of black bordering (Which I will fix) the picture is a litle small for my liking. I have been using the picture size adjustment to 'blow' the image up to fit the 16:9 frame. I will obviously lose information at the side of the image, the only problem is I seem to see more jaggies and digital artefacts doing this.

Is there a 'trick' to this, any size increases that the software doesn't like ?

I have grown the verticle and horzontal by the same amount and it looks proportionate, is this right does anyone know. The man at Owl is not there this week for advice !......

Maybe it's just me but I still prefer 16:9 images. Perhaps the 80" diagonal is not big enough (74 inches wide) for a 2.35 image in my room...



The image quality is badly affected by the digital zoom. Use the zoom lens instead, yes, you'll have to get out of your chair.

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