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HS60 Owners with Sky HD - How Good Is It?


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I currently have ntl connected to my HS60 by HDMI via a Panasonic DMR-EX75 recorder, which upscales the signal to 720p/1080i. It's not great (especially when compared to DVD's), and I have been contemplating a move to Sky HD, primarily for shows like 24 and Battlestar Galactica. I wondered if anybody has a similar setup, and how does the HD picture quality compare to say a DVD? Also do the SD channels look any better?
As a final point, would I be better off replacing the HDMI cable with component?
Any comments would be gratefully received-thanks!


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I have Sky HD to the HS60.

Picture quality on the whole is alot better than DVD when compared to a well setup HCPC running Theatertek with FFDShow Post Processing, and the pq from the pc is even quite an improvement over my progressive scan Pioneer DVD player.

There are problems however, that have been well documented on the Sky HD forum.

Sky Movies 9HD has excellent picture quality
Sky movies 10HD is very good but some blocking can be seen on dark scenes and a little noise can also be seen at times. But overall still better picture quality than DVD and I hardly ever notice these problems watching a movie.
Sky 1HD can be pretty disappointing due to low bit rate. Bright scenes look great but dark scenes (particularly in a program like SG SG1) can have alot of blocking. But it's still, IMHO, miles better than SD Sky 1.
Standard definition TV is way better than my old Sky box. I considered the pq on the old box to be unwatchable.
Keep your HDMI cable as the HS60 has overscan using the component input and I found a definite improvement when I upgraded to the HDMI.

I would say that the upgrade is very worth while. I would never have watched a movie or Sky 1 program on the projector before, now I'm loving Stargate, Lost, Bones and looking forward to Battlestar Galactica, 24 etc. on my 86" screen. Only problem is I'm now putting up serious hours on the pj:D


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you will get the wow factor.
if you like movies and football (PJ owners must like at least 1) then sky hd is the must as there is good content at the moment for somthing new and the movies coming in will get better.
not sure but i think there is a starwars marathon on new years day episodes 1-6 in hd. can someone confirm this.

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