HS50 Prog scan probs

Drew C

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I've joined the HS50 clan, and I'm very impressed, although I don't think I'm using prog scan properly.
I seem to be getting quite a few jagged lines on items in the background. This is the first time I've had chance to use prog scan, so I may be doing something wrong.
I hooked the hs50 up with component leads to a pioneer 575 and now changed to a sony LS785.
Ive tried using the prog scan on the player, and then prog scan off on the player and 'progressive' on the projector and both ways give the same problem.
Am I doing something wrong?
Any help would be greatly received.

Drew C

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Just looked a point in a movie where it occurs and compared it with interlaced.
The jagged lines are still there, so the prog scan just increases the effect.
Does this come down to the transfer,or is the player or projector to blame?


Using a 2910 to a hs50, when using component i have found it is best running interlaced rather than progressive for uk disks. As i understand it (which may not be very well) the player has too convert the digital signal to an analogue (either progressive or interlaced) and the pj then has to decode it (change it back to digital).

The hs50 will accept both interlaced or progressive scan component signals.

It is dependent upon the quality of the conversion at both the player and pj, so it will vary between different set ups.


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I too use an interlaced output from my DVD player and let the Hs-50 do the converting... It is a slightly better picture...

The German website that did a huge review of the HS-50 (was posted on here a few days ago) said they were very impressed with the HS-50's scaler.... It may not be as good as some you can get in sharp machines and a few others... but it certainly seems to be pretty effective!

Drew C

Active Member
Thanks for the advice fellas.
I've spent ages messing about with the different combinations, and I do seem to get a better picture with the dvd outputting interlaced, and setting the HS50 to progressive. I was watching Dawn of the Dead which seemed to have quite a few 'jaggie' moments (slightly less when using the above method), but then none at all when watching series 1 of '24'.

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