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hi guys, had my hs50 a couple of weeks now, i upgraded from the hs20 and before that had the hs10. i like others are fairly pleased with it. the blacks are most definately far better on the hs50. I do however have one issue that is irritating the hell out of me, and this is regarding pixel mapping so that the scaler is not being used. With both the hs10 and 20 i had no problem whatsover via dvi, but with 1280x720 via vga for some reason it don't seem quite right. when i put the grey pixel tracking and phase test screen that lots of people use, i get horizontal lines flashing on the screen altering the dot phase makes it worse or better, but dosen't get rid of it entirely. also when watching films i notice the odd horizontal flash/tear in the picture that lasts only for a split second. also there seems to be a lot more jaggies around things in the picture which to me indicates that the scaler is still active in the hs50. i have tried everything i can think of to get rid, but to no avail. i am using a 10 metre vga lead from lindy, and a hercules ati based 7500 with dvi and vga out. i have even tried running the vga from the dvi port with the dongle that came with the card but that seems to make it worse. those of you that are running hs50's through vga can you confirm that i am not missing something here....... :(
by the way other than this pretty pleased with it, no dead pixels or banding, althought he first i looked at did have banding on the green panel, so i can confirm some hs50's still suffer this. uniformity not the best, i have what seems to be slight pink edge on the left but when running overlay with a film on it, can't see it not even on black and white films... well not yet anyway. i tried the hdmi from dvi on the pc and cropping issue stopped that one straight away, although i did notice that through the hdmi seems more vibrant in colouring. brightness is probably my only other beef as after owning hs10 and hs20 which were considerably brighter, hs50 output will take a little time to get used to. But i would say that the HS50 is a superb machine for the money. i would have liked to see the power focus left in to make focusing easier. but hey ho there you go, guess you can't have everything.. :rolleyes:

all the best..........Splice ;)

all the best........splice


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Haven't had any of these problems with mine. Does having input A set to 'computer' in the Sony's menu help at all?


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hi splice i was woundeing if you could help me.

I own a sony hs10 and was thinking of getting the hs50 would you say the hs50 in low lamp mode is just as bright as the sony hs10 in low lamp mode with a ccr40 filter on the lens or other

what is the blacks like compaired to the hs10 i mean a projected black screen with no picture on it

i have had two projectors and always tought every time i turned it on it could have better blacks even with the cr40 filter on it

i owned a a sony hs1 to which was 800ansi i am hoping the hs50 is as bright as the sony hs10 with low lamp mode wiht cr40 filter on it or even the hs1

i hope you can help me here let me know thanks

also would you say its the best projector of the 3 that you have owned in
1 contrast
2 black level
3 picture quality
4 fan noise level

thanks m8 for the help


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I had a HS10 with CC30r filter and the HS50 is slightly dimmer but you soon forget about that after a few days. Some adjustments in the service menu also improved the situation in this regard.

Blacks are far better than the HS10 and CC30r, I tried a cc40r but found that too dim so went to a 30r, I dont think the HS50 is as dim as a 40r but its a very long time since I had that combination so could be mistaken. The contrast however makes up for the lack of overall brightness.

I've now had mine for 2 months and still haven't really found it wanting, blacks are now "black enough" the improvement in noise levels from the HS10 was enough reason to upgrade.


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i am running input a as computer and this makes no difference, in the menu what mode number does your pc show mine is 104 or 110, don't have it on at the moment to look, this mode is not listed in the manual. i was showing 56 at some point but can't remember how i got that, it may have been when i was running my xbox through it, i will have another look when i switch on.
Meridius, having owned hs10,hs20 and hs50 my feelings are that brightness is a bit dimmer than the hs20 without a filter and about the same as the hs10 with filter in low lamp modes blacks are most certainly better by a mile. when there is a dark scene on a film sometime i find i am wanting a little more brightness, but when a bright scene comes on and the auto iris opens up i find the brightness is plenty. at the moment i am putting this down to still having the hs20 brightness in mind as i put over 2000 hours on mine.the black levels have to come from somewhere i guess. When you are looking at a black screen the black level is at a level on the hs50 that you can't see much in the room anymore. fan noise is not an issue either, i have run every projector i have owned in high altitude mode which speeds the fan up a bit i.e a bit noisier, and the fan is a lot quieter than the hs10 and hs20. i do this to slow down the yellowing process of the polarisers (it works) although i do have a slight worry that the hs50 gets hotter than the hs10 and hs20 so time will tell if this will make yellowing a bigger issue on the hs50 or not.regarding pictur quality i feel that clarity wise the hs20 was/is as good as the hs50 but black level for me is an important enough part of the watching a film "experience" to justify the need for the hs50.imo anyone having never owned a sony hs10,or 20 will be totally blown away by the picture, but i feel that if you have then you should view before buying to decide if it's the projector for you as for a lot of people the brightness is more important than contrast ratio. and the hs20 fulfills the brightness with flying colours, and when properly set up the hs20 certainly has a fairly reasonable level of contrast that most people would be more than happy with.

all the best.... splice :smashin:


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thanks m8 the contrast is the most inportant thing to me as well but in saying that i dont want a picture that can not be seen to low lamp brightness,

but there a re two of you on here that said the hs50 is just as bright as the hs10 in low lamp mode with a cr40 filter and i never thought it was dim, so it might look good for me but still wating for the shops to get them in as you know sony are updating the firmware so just have to wait and see one

but thanks once more

i bet statwars looks fantastic on this projector

oh you said "when there is a dark scene on a film sometime i find i am wanting a little more brightness" is there some films you can tell me what you think could do with more brightness and what part of it ????? as i can try these in the shops


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i have not watched many films on it yet been to busy trying to get the pixel mapping sorted out at the moment. re what film seem wanting for brightness, well pretty much any film during dark scenes. but the thing is the picture retains detail still, so i think it's more a case it's not to dark, it's more the percieved brightness when comparing it to my hs20.

all the best......solice :)


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John S
hi John... how do you get the hs50 brighter in the service menu.


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I followed a guide on the monster avs tweak thread where a guy that had smart3 adjusted the gain and bias and posted his settings. I adjusted my settings by the same percentage but allowing for the difference in starting setting. Not very scientific..... I then tweaked with Avia for final adjustment.

This improved my colour balance and so helped overall brightness because the three primary colours are now pushing harder and more equally.

I posted the changes I mad in a thread here.


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Well guys, i found the solution to my lines problem... my hercules prophet 7500 completely packed up, it must have been on its way. i have put a cheapish gforce nvidia card in, 9600 i think and no lines :clap: only thing is now if i set this card to 60 htz i get 59.99 and when i try to run 50 htz i get around 49.99 any ideas if theres a fix to that.. by the way my hercules graphic card problem was the fan siezed. a friend of mine had his for around the same length of time (2 years) same problem. must be a common issue.i know the fans get mucky but i periodically blow all my fans out with compressed air, and still my fan packed up. oh well guess i should be thankfull that A.it didn't take anything else with it, and B. It packed up totally or i would have still been trying to work out what the problem is. :rolleyes:

all the best....... splice :smashin:

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