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hs50 grainy image


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had my hs50 now for about a week, although very happy i have noticed some ghosting of the image and grainyness particularly when watching animated dvd's shrek, monsters inc, toy story,...also noticed that characters in the background of shots appear out of focus and have ghosting.

the pq on normal non animated dvd's is fine (not really noticed same thing)

hs50 connected via component to panasonic rp91 (prog scan) dvd player and watched normally on cinema or standard with low lamp. i have not adjusted any settings.

would hdmi improve or make worse (as mentioned on another thread)
anyone have anything similar

Bristol Pete

Well-known Member
I think this is caused by the iris. Try switching it on, off and auto to see a difference. To me, auto does create the grain you mention.

Cap :)


Distinguished Member
Its also worth borrowing/trying a different DVD player to make sure the source isn't the problem.

Bristol Pete

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Would point out that the grain does not bother me. Kinda DLP like :)

Will second urbant's comments as no ghosting etc going on here.



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Also try sending the image from the DVD player interlaced and not progressive and see if the Sony's video processing can do a better job!


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Fed by progressive component from my Denon DVD-A1, my HS50 is completely free of grain... it has a very clean image.

I'd definately blame the DVD player if you have a grainy image.


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managed to get rid of the grain by disabling DDE in the picture settings, it seems that with DDE engaged on film or progressive the grain is evident. does anyone else use DDE or leave it off?


i have DDE set to off and the image is perfect ... no grain, no noise, no ghosting. some low quality dvd material can cause these effects ... but it does not take long to work out that it is the source material and not the hardware ... just switch to your favourite reference dvd.

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