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How does the HS20 by sony compare with the NEC HT1000- assuming a progressive scan DVD player (ie ignoring the built in prog scan on the NEC 1000)
have a read of Kramers reviews..... i get the feeling he prefferred his HS10 to the HT1000. I actually have alternative opinions on things, but in any case, the biggest plus for the NEC is the contrast ratio whilst the HS20 will have resolution advantage. Id go for the HT1000


What do you have against you HT1000?

You clearly aren't happy with it. First of all you wanted to get rid of it for a Z2 now the HS20 is getting you interested.

I thought now you had an anamorphic lens the HT1000 was a keeper.

Personally I agree with Buns.

Having had a few LCD projectors they just don't come close to a DLP if you can handle rainbows. DLP is so much more lfilm like. The resolution doesn't make that much difference to take an LCD over your DLP. My opinion of course and I have no hidef material to compare the two.

You really need to demo some of these projectors as only you can decide. Specs on paper don;t mean everything.

Put a movie on like Dark City. There's no contest when it comes to night scenes, the NEC wins hands down.
And let's face it, most movies have night scenes somewhere in the script.
Yes, the HT1000 is better in many/most respects but personally I find the resolution to be unacceptable.

All said before in my mini review in my sig.

Originally posted by Kramer
Yes, the HT1000 is better in many/most respects but personally I find the resolution to be unacceptable.

All said before in my mini review in my sig.


maybe your sig should read 'Resolution Junkie' !!! :D

From everything I've read about the HT1000 I think Kramer is very much in the minority in picking an LCD over it.

This doesn't mean he is wrong of course. Although he is! ;)

That isn't to say the HT1000 is the god of all projectors (I do regularly worship mine though). But I do doubt you will find many people who will be happy with a move from one to a sub £2.5k LCD projector.

Sure it can be beat, but you really have to be looking at the HD2 DLPs.

I looked at both of the above projectors plus a Sim2 Domino.

The only thing I would say, is if you are buying a DLP make sure you watch a full movie on it. I didnt see any rainbows on the NEC 1100 or Domino - but I was absolutely knackered after watching a movie for half an hour or so. I felt drained and had a fuzzy head.


I saw a Sony HS20 a few weeks ago, in my opinion it is superb, way outperforming my old (but very loved) Sanyo Z1. Excellent contrast (the iris function really helps with this), great colours; a very solidly built unit. Having said that, I did also demo a Sharp XV-Z200 and the picture was even better - black levels were much improved and the overall effect was very cinematic.


Rainbows! Even though the XVz200 has a five speed colour wheel, I could see rainbows in every film I looked at in an hour-long demo. So after the demo, I really wanted to tell myself that I would get over the rainbow effect, but my thumping headache told me otherwise. I think the HS20 could satisfy pretty much anyone's needs, certainly mine - but if you aren't affected by rainbows and could pay the extra, DLP is definitely worth a look.
The original poster already has a DLP and has no rainbow problems as far as I am aware.

The rainbow thing is wierd. A dozen people have now sat in front of my HT1000 without the slightest problem. Including my hypocondriac wife, who I'm sure was frantically looking for them once I told her about them.

Yet on the forums we seem to get lots of sufferers. Which is a real shame!

I didnt suffer from the rainbows - but I didnt feel very well after watching the Sim2 and the NEC 1100.

You may not be affected at all just make sure you view a full film to check it.

I sometimes think that people look for rainbows, by watching the film in an unusual manner like moving there eyes or head from side to side quickly to check whether they see rainbows. I certainly did and saw some but I certainly wouldnt watch a film in that manner at home.

Graham - I bought the HS20 but would have liked to have seen the Sharp 200 but I needed the Short Throw and they werent available over here until April and I couldnt wait, but I am very happy with my HS20.

Originally posted by sneaky
The only thing I would say, is if you are buying a DLP make sure you watch a full movie on it.
I agree, but for the opposite reason in a way.

When I tried a 1000 last November I had it on a sale or return so was limited to a couple of hours or so. I saw rainbows and at first sight they seemed unbearable so I returned it and got the Z2.

Recently I decided to try DLPs again and got a Z200. This is a 5x as opposed to the 4x of the 1000 so it does presumably make some difference but I'm not sure I could say by how much. I still see rainbows, however after watching 2 or 3 films I now realise that they don't really affect my enjoyment, the better PQ the DLP provides over the LCD more than makes up for them. I don't suffer headaches or eye-strain so now I am a happy DLP user.

The moral here is that I rejected DLPs because of my immediate reaction to this aspect, which now after 30+ hours is inconsequential.
Nice post.

Some people really do have real problems with rainbows, they make them feel i'll, but I'm guessing many were like you.

I think people hear about rainbows see one and then run a mile.

Certainly they come as a startling surprise, even though you may have heard of the effect until you see it you don't really know what it looks like, and for those like me who see more than just the occasional flash then it's certainly a major concern.

One can often read about how people have managed to train themselves not to see them, or avoid the eye movements which provoke them, but it's a big gamble to lay out many hundreds of pounds in the hope you will be one of those. I was lucky, I could afford to take the risk and was able to spend £2.5K as an experiment without first having to sell my LCD to fund it.
Ive said it a couple of times now but I will repeat it because you keep harping on about the rainbows. I didnt see rainbows but it DID make me feel ILL everytime I have viewed a DLP projector.

Even the much vaunted Sim20 Domino made me feel ill.

Im not a hypercondriac, I have no mental problems, I could afford the Domino and I didnt have any axes to grind as to what technology I wanted to use.

The other thing for me and again all this is personal to yourself the experience of the HS20 was every bit as good in quality than the Domino and NEC 1100.

Yes there will be for's and against for both.

A little advice from a novice and someone who has just been through buying a first projector, dont take any notice of specs, readings on oscilloscopes etc or even whether it is DLP, LCD or some other technology.

Go and have a look and your eyes will tell you what you enjoy and what you dont.

These forums are excellent but you pickup too many pre conceived ideas before you have actually viewed the projector and it can cloud your judgement.

No offence to any of the other guys views, Kragorn has helped me a huge amount along the way and his advice has been great.

It is curious the attitude towards DLP and the rainbow effect. I do not notice it all the HT1000. In fact I barely noticed it on the first DLP projector I had years ago.

I do like my HT1000 and I think the anamorphic lens has helped. But I want resolution so I can make my wide screen films bigger. Maybe I should buy the Hs20 in addition - use the HT1000 for trickier night films which need high contrast and use the HS20 for the Lord of the Rings type films!!
LOTR has very dark bits in it and I watched The Negotiator last night which is mostly night dark scenes and I enjoyed it a huge amount with no problems at all.

You are more likely to be hamstrung with any of the available technologies with the varying quality of the transfers on to DVD.


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