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Can anyone give any definitive guidance on the throw distances for the Sony HS20. I have downloaded an HS20 manual and examined the throw distances using the projectorcentral.com calculator and they come up with fairly different answers.

The lens front to screen distance will be about 14'3" and I would like a 7' wide screen. Can anyone who owns an HS20 indicate whether this is achievable without fitting a long throw lens?

I use the HS20 with a DRH 2.3 metre (7 foot 7 inches) wide screen.
From lense to screen is exactly 4.9 metres (16 feet 1 inch) with no zoom, and the viewing area of the screen is perfectly filled.
IMO, if you require a 7 foot wide picture over your throw distance of 14 foot 3 inches, the HS20 can do this with a little zoom.
A longer throw lense would produce a smaller picture over your throw distance I believe.
This may not be the info you were looking for but I hope it makes sense and is of some help to you.
Thanks Smokin. This is very helpful indeed. I don't actually have a screen yet, but have been recommended a 7' wide screen and this will comfotably fit my wall space. The Sony HS20 manual is a little unclear about the screen size in the tables quoted. I can't see whether their size is diagonal or width. Anyway if my maths is correct a small amount of zoom will fill a 7' screen.

You should be fine with a 7ft wide screen (i.e. width not diagonal). Your throw could be borderline for a 7ft diagonal, that's really quite a small screen.

I'm running at about 12/13ft throw onto a 7ft diagonal, and I don't remember being able to shrink the picture a great deal. From the same mount, I can project to well over 200cm wide (width not diagonal), and this is the screen size I am intending to build in.

If you need more accurate info from a real instalation, I can measure up one evening.

Thanks for the info Martyn, your measurements all seem to correlate with Smokin's experience. From reading your Sony HS20 manual, do you think Sony are talking about diagonal screen sizes? The manual's tables suggest throw distances that are somewhat shorter than yours or Smokin's if one assume's horizontal screen measurements.

Considering the HS20 along with a few others

What's the shortest throw distance required to give a 7 ft wide image?

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