HS20 PQ Reference VD'S


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I apologise if this is in the wrong section.

Im using TT on a HTPC linked to my HS20 with a DVI cable.

I am getting a lot of variance in DVD PQ - which I understand can be normal.

Can you guys list some of the discs you use for PQ reference.




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I would love to show my wife that post and ask her what she thought it meant !

R2 Ice Age always look good via DVI


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Try some of the Superbit titles...... Gladiator is one of my favs.. lots of challenges there for a projector and any issues arising can't be attributed to the dvd............... Fifth Element Superbit is an old favourite too. Recently got Spiderman Superbit...... was reasonably impressed by the pic quality improvement........ We're not talking leaps and bounds, but bits and pieces back to back looked worth it to me............. Could be the placebo effect.....

For ordinary DVDs, LOTR are good transfers imo, lot's of challenging material there for a PJ..... For CGI Monsters inc or Finding Nemo are good show-offs......

Sean G.

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