HS20 foreign voltage



Just got my new Sony HS20 from japan. And goddammit I didn't prepare for everything. Opened the box with glee and delight to discover a japanese/american 2 prong plug. OMG!! :mad:

Of course, I totally forgot about the plug. I went out and bought a "travel" adapter. Unfortunately, this thing just changes the prongs on the plug to fit UK/Irish plugs and doesn't change the voltage. Can the HS20 autodetect different voltages or will I fry the thing? I have to make sure before I do anything. Help!! Vicbarry, kramer, anybody! :confused:
Well it turns out, the HS20 has autosensing voltage from 100v to 250v. An adapter is all that's needed. :clap:

Switched it on, and (once again) WOWee!!! This things rocks. It's very bright. I don't have a light meter handy but oh yes. This projector has no problems outputting a very bright image. I slapped in SSX 3, 16:9 format. Klablamo!!! Sparkling whites and a gaming experience I'll never forget. :clap:

Prelimanary reports shows pixel misalignment. I'm projecting on a white wall with ambient light. I get a green tinge on the left side of the focus screen and on the crosshairs. Not enough for me to send it back yet. I'm gonna enjoy this baby a little bit longer. :smoke:
Hmm the only mention I could spot in the manual is;

AC 100 to 240 V. 2.9-1.1A. 50/60 Hz

This is a US PDF copy so I'd think it's an international power supply. It should say on the case somewhere, haven't got mine to hand to check.

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