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Dec 14, 2003
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Hi All,

After having a real look at what is happening on the screen.

I have found :-

I have a thin Red Line going down the left handside of the screen, the line is a dull Red but can be seen fron 10ft. This line sometimes becomes a green line.

When I pull up the lens screen - I can also see a brighter Red Line down the left hand side of the screen but can only see it from upto 4ft away.

Cannot see any lines at all on the XP desktop.

On black screen such as LTR totle screen seems to be a green tinge bottom right and top left of screen.

Is there anything I can do about the above.

Comments Please.

When you say you can't see any lines on the XP desktop, do you mean when viewed via the projector or from a CRT/LCD monitor?

I dont have a monitor attached. I cannot see them through the projector - how odd is that.

I dont know much about the technicalities of it all but - if i see it when I have a movie on I would expect to see it from the desktop as well.

How do I check it?


What can I do if it is?

Can I send it back - Do I need to send it back?


Do you have a digital camera? A picture of the problem would be useful.

AFAIK, practically all HS20s have some convergence issues. Nothing to worry about - not seen from viewing distance etc.

It does sound like a panel alignment issue but I'd expect this to be even more evident with a Windows desktop displayed.

The green tinges sound different. Pics would be great!

Thanks K,

Ill get the Mavica from work and Post them on Monday.

As I said earlier, I cannot see the lines at all from the XP desktop.

When I bring up the lens zoom screen the red line is about 1 pixel in width and quite bright, but cant see from 4ft away. I dont know much about this stuff but I find it odd that when playing a movie that red line is dull bright and seems much thinner.

Another thing I gorgot to mention is a white line like this - - - - - - -at the top of the picture. I have only had it on one movie and I just took it that it was the movie and not the projector. I have seen the same thing when playing tapes from my Sony Digital Video camera on to the television.

One thing it does seem to show is that there are a lot of bad film to DVD transfers out there - I havent noticed them before when I have watched them on my 32 Wega but on the projector some of them look awful.

After saying that getting a projector is one of the best things I have ever bought and the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on.

Something else K,

I am currently running 1366 * 768 and there is a grey/black border around the screen, presumably that is because I am not using the full resolution of the panel.

I was wanting to try 1280 * 720 @ 50hz but cant find the powerstrip settings or even how to work them out. Do you have such informatiom.

I did run 1280x720 on the HS10 ages ago, can't remember off hand the settings I used though. Think I found them on avs. The PJ needs to be switched from "digital" to "video GBR" IIRC (that's the PC input selection).

The crosshair symptoms you describe are definitely due to slight panel misalighment - common on the HS20. If it's not visible from over 4' away, why can you see it on DVD material?

Yep, PJs are ruthless with regard to source quality - bad DVD transfers etc.

The unused border is normal.

I'll post those 1280x720 settings if I find them.

Sorry to be a nuisance K,

Ive just had another closer look at it. When I pull up the lens screen - I can see a red tinge on the first set of cross Hairs and the left hand vertical white line on the inside.

On the XP Standard desktop and when playing a movie - I can actually see a green line in the same position - but can only see them when 3-4ft away.

Then comes the border black/grey border and then the fainter thinner redline. But as I have just found I dont see it on every movie.

Just watched Shrek and the picture is absolutely fantastic.

If this type of thing is normal and I should just get on with watching the movies that is fine. But obviously with a lack of knowledge and some of the scare stories you here - I'm just looking for a guy like yourself who gives a balanced view to say that this type of thing is acceptable.

BTW I dont see the green tinge mentioned earlier on the Zoom/Focus Black screen.

Thanks for help and patience.

Chris, I have been taking a look at the focus cross-hairs on my HS20. There is quite a lot or colouring on the edges - more than I expected to be honest. I am not sure whether this is simply lense chromatic aborations or whether its a symtom is slight LCD panel misalighnment. The centre one tends to be the best and the corner ones the worst. What are your cross hairs like? You have to get up close to the screen to see the aborations.

However, all the video I have viewed is fine.


I don't know what you mean by aborations - but both on the crooss hair and the vertical line on the left hand side I get a magenta colour. I cannot see it when I get 3 feet away from the screen and it certainly doesnt affect my movies. I probably wouldnt even have known about if I hadnt looked on the forum and saw it mentioned.

Something else that I am unsure of is what I think they call fpn or noise in background shots. The foreground and images that are being focussed on are perfect but there seems to be noise in the background - is that to be expected or am I seeing things.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of it.

I got the green 'tinge' at the bottom when looking at focus/zoom screen.

What is it?

Chris, I have now taken a look at another HS20 and found that the 'colouration' around the white crosses was present also. I suspect that there are two sources.

1) Chromatic aborations (ie small optics faults that manifest themselves as wrong colours). These CA's are usually most noticable when there is a bright region against a dark background or vica versa.

2) Mis-alighned LCD panels.

In either case I think my HS20 is within acceptable limits and certainly the pics are great.

I am not too sure what the cause of the green tinge is. It may have soemthing to do with the physical layout of the optics, where the green panel overlaps slightly. I suppose ideally it shouldn't happen, but its not too distracting. I have seen it on other projectors.

I believe what you are seeing is LCD panel misalignment. Remember the actual panels are probably only an inch or so across so even with a minicule (fraction of a millimetre) mis-alignment this will show to be much greater when viewed on a screen hundereds of times that size.

Every LCD I have owned (TW100 x 2, LPX500 x 2) had the same to lesser or greater degree. In fact, every pj I have ever seen (LCD, DLP, CRT) has some image anomaly of sorts when you view from close up.

I say, if the picture from normal viewing distance is right, then stop worrying and just start enjoying your investment. Otherwise you will never be satisfied :)
Here Here Messiah,

Thats All I wanted to hear. I am enjoying it but just needed to make sure it wasnt a major fault.

BTW do have the powerstrip settings for 1280 * 720 @50hz.

Do you have a HS20? If you have how do you run it? I am running it thru HTPC at the moment but I am thinking of getting a Pioneer 868 or 668 to use the HDMI.

Don't have a HS20. Never have. Owned Sony VPL90, TW100, LPX500, Sharp Z10k and now the Marantz S3 with a few stop gap ones in between.

A quick search on AVS has turned up the following though for the HS20

1360*768 resolution

85.465 pixel clock
scan rate 44.513KHz
1920 Note this HDTV value


55.991 Hz

You can read the whole thread here

Re the 868, I would be wary of what many are saying re the image quality. I too was considering one to go with my Pio 504 plasma but reading the many commenst have decided against it. I do have a HTPC connected via DVIto my S3 but for films I still prefer the component output of my SD900.

Happy viewing.
I have just had an HS20 delivered. The picture looks fine from a normal viewing distance, but I too get purple/green edges on the focus grid. If this is a fault, such as a misalignment problem, then I am still in the period where I can return the projector.

I've noticed that the puple fringe on the crosshairs is always on the inside edge (ie left edge of rightmost crosshairs, right edge of leftmost etc). This makes me wonder if it is a chromatic or spherical aberration rather than misalignment. With misalignment would, say, the red pixels always be to the left of the blue and green?

Advice about acceping/returning the progector much appreciated ASAP!

Attached pictures: right hand, centre and top crosshairs, sample image.


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Absolutely normal. I say that from experience of owning and demoing many LCD, DLP and (one) CRT pjs. At the end of the day the tolerances in these things are miniscule (especially when considering distance from screen) and at the end of the day it's the picture that matters. If that looks stunning then I don't think you've got anything to worry about.
Thanks Messiah. I'm very pleased with the image (though I don't have a HQ source yet) and I'm sure you are right. I'd just hate to learn that I had a faulty machine after I'd had it long enough that I couldn't justifiably expect a replacement.

BTW The reason I don't have a HQ source, is the Yamakawa 365 DivX that I ordered to arrive at the same time as the HS20 was faulty. The disc tray wouldn't open and so it has gone back to Germany for replacement.


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