HS20 and RGB Scart



Can someone advise me on the best way to attach various RGB Scart devices to a Sony HS20?

Will I need some intermediary box or can a simple cable be used?



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Have a look at this thread . This is an alternative way of making the connections.


It appears that you need the optional PJ Multi cable with the VGA connector (not cheap - about £70) and then a cable to connect this to a scart (I believe that you can buy such leads, or if not they can easily be made up).

If you have multiple RGB devices, you will need a Scart switching box (which handles RGB) unless you want to swap cables every time.

Nobody has actually admitted that they have done this, but it should work.



Thanks guys.

Given that RGB Scart is such a widely used interface (in europe) it mad that it's so tricky to feed it into most projectors.

I'll look into the JS Technology RGB to YUV box. :)

LFC - Rich

I too have a Sony HS20 and have just resolved this by a rather novel means. I wanted to connect my Sky digi box (non sky plus) which only has scart out.

Initially got a scart to s-video cable but this only gave a B&W picture. Found out that my sky box only outputs RGB hence B&W picture.

Thought about getting an RGB to S-Video converter (approx £50)but then came up with the following solution :-

I have a Panny dvd recorder (DMR-E50) which I use as pass through for sky (RGB in and RGB out). Set the output to S-video but no picture, read manual which said if RGB input then must set RGB output. Had a brain wave and the following solution works like a dream :-

Scart (RGB) input from sky to DVD recorder.
Set output to S-video.
Connect S-video to S-video on AV-Amp and then S-Video out to HS20.

And the bit that makes this all work is achieved by hitting the record button on the dvd recorder and then pressing the timeslip button. As a dvd recording can be output in several formats by my Panny this works a treat so I end up watching a recording that is virtually live.

Picture quality is excellent on my 80" x 45" screen and now I can watch all the Euro 2004 games on the big screen.



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I'm interested in getting RGB from my Sky+ / consoles to my HS20 also (tho thread seems to have gone on to s-video).

I have the PJ-multi to get VGA to my HS-20 (which works great with PC/Dreamcast).

Any ideas where I get this connector that has 15 pin d-sub on one end and scart on the other (or what I ask for to get one made up). I'm assuming from what has been said that this is a possible way of getting RGB to my HS20.

Pleaase let me know if anyone make any progress on this :)




You may have to make this cable up, normal Scart RGB isn't in the range of a VGA input so there not much call for a cable in the market. On paper it does look like it might work on the HS20 (and I'd love to do this too) but I've not seen someone *actually* do it yet.

A search on the RS website (Scart VGA) came up with a nice converter box for £140 which I think does a proper convertion of Scart RGB to Standard VGA signal levels. There are some cheaper cables at Maplin that might work too, worth a trip if you've got the VGA->PJMulti already.


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Just a quick question, i have JS-tech RGB to YUV convertor. I am waiting for my component leads still but I have got the QED SQUART RGB special edition (video only) so I am assumin this will worl through the JS-tech right? I know I don't get sound through the QED scart, but I get a picture right? I think someone else said you need a fully wired scart for the js-tech to work but i think this is wrong?


I guess by fully wired they mean with all the RGB pins wired, rather then some cheap scarts which only have audio and composite pins wired.


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Looking at Maplin's catalogue, they do sell a monitor extension cable which you could use as a basis for the necessary lead. This would conect to the VGA end of the PJ Multi lead. You would then need to cut off the other end and solder on a SCART plug. The wiring details are shown in the link below. I think this should work, but may need a bit of fiddling as Sony appear to have used odd connections on the HS20. BTW the manual of the HS20 confirms that you can connect 15KHz RGB with composite synch to the PJ Multi input - using Input select you can then select Video RGB. The connect details show that it accepts composite synch - hopefully if the synch level is high enough from the source, this should all work.

Unfortunately if you don't want to do soldering, I haven't seen a ready made up lead anywhere. The alternative of the SCART to VGA converter would certainly work, but should not be required and is a more expensive route. You should only need this if the display device only support RGB input with separate H and V synch.

Hope this helps you



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or, you can use a PC based setup to take the RGB from your set top box and then drive your HS20 directly, more expensive but a much better picture!



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Cheers fellas..... unfortunately I don't do the solder thing :(

I need an 'off the shelf solution'.

David... do you mean a HCPC?

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I have just bought one of the Scart RGB -> S-Video converters from Maplin, and for watching Sky / Tivo seems more then good enough for the job, and it only cost £35.

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