HS2, Panny TV and 3802 audio sync.


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I have had similar problems with an E50, goes like this... recorded a film to the HDD and watched it just now, turn up the tv and amp via coax and I get reverb, turning the amp down brings it insync, if this is unique to me it means the amp is out.
If any one runs an HS2 through an amp please test and let me know,


I've got an HS2 and a 3802 but I don't understand what you are saying! What does "turn up the tv and amp via coax " mean?



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I mean the volume, TV via Scart, 3802 via co-ax, if the level is split between the two there is a delay which causes a hall type effect.
I posted some time ago when I had an E50, so I was wondering if happens to anyone else?
I know listening to both the TV and amp is not a typical setting, it is just something I have found a little puzzling and wonder if the amp is slow to proccess it's input.


That's not at all unexpected - in fact I'd be surprised if both pieces of hardware processed the audio at the same speed.

The Digital to Analog conversion via the co-ax connection will take some time so you're probably getting the TV sound first and the amp sound second.

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