HS2 NTSC Recording/Menu Question



I have finally got around to borrowing a good multi-system VHS machine that outputs "proper" NTSC (as opposed to PAL-60).

This is allowing me to transfer a lot of rare (music) NTSC video tapes I've got and keep them in native NTSC format. I'm doing this for two reasons : firstly I don't want to degrade the image quality any further by converting to PAL and secondly I will be trading these with other fans and have found that generally speaking NTSC is the most world-friendly system for DVD-R trading.

I understand that the DVD-R I create will be NTSC because the recordings I've made are NTSC however what I'm not clear about is whether the main menu will be a problem. Not having done the actual write and finalize yet I'm not 100% sure.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me ?


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Why should it be any different? If you are recording in ntsc, the menu will be in ntsc as well, otherwise the ntsc dvd player and tv would not be able to display it.


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As ken says....

I've written a few NTSC discs on my HS2....

My DVD Player is set to PAL when you switch it on, then as the menu appears, the TV changes to accept the NTSC Menu display....


Just tried it and works fine. Looking back on my question I realise that ... of course the menu would have to work in NTSC :)

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