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HS2 - help!

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Pixalorny, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. Pixalorny


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    Well, I couldn't wait any longer for the Panasonix AE300, so rushed out yesterday and bought the Sony HS2. It seemed to have similar spec to the HS10 (except resolution) and was within my price range.
    My problem is I only get a black and white image when running video or cable TV.

    I have cable tv connected via scart to scart to a Sony 820 VCR.
    I then ran scart to 'VCR S-Video in' on my Arcam Xeta 1 amp.
    Pioneer 656 DVD connected scart to 'aux S-video in' on amp.
    Finally 'Monitor S-video' out on amp to 'pj' connector on HS2.

    Everything is in B&W!

    If I connect DVD 'S-video out' to 'pj' in on the HS2 - colour!
    (and finally watched The Bourne Identity last night)

    Sony shop says Sony VCR won't support scart to S-video, need to go scart to component, and then component to pj, but they don't have the cables.

    It all worked fine when I used to have it connected it to the tv.

    Please help me, my brain is frazzled, I have tried just about all combinations I can think of - except the right one.

    Thanks in unbelievable excited anticipation,


    'oh no - its all gone B&W'

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