Hs2 Hard Drive


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Had my Hs2 for about 6 months now & well pleased btw. I record a lot of Soaps for the mrs onto the HD, & then delete as & when shes watched them, consequently only ever using the 1st 20gb or so of the total 40gb. Was wondering if it would be a good idea to leave the HD to fill up before deleting stuff so at least the end of the drive gets a bit of use instead of constantly recording onto the 1st 20gb. Hope you understand where I'm getting at. Basically what would be the wear & tear implications.

Thanx for any advice :smashin:

davee b

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I wouldnt worry about filling the drive up as the information is scattered all over the drive in small chunks totally different to e.g. video tape which has a beginning middle and end. :smoke:

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