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Duncan Harvey

A quick question re this deck as I cant seem to see whether this is possible.

If I record to the HDD and then want to dub to Ram (or as is more likely) DVD-R, is there a way to copy the contents onto the DVD-R without re-encoding. I’m well aware that I can record off air in XP mode onto the HDD then save onto DVD-R in SP, but can a straight clone copy be made?

I have a feeling that when copying between the two drives the video signal is decoded into analogue, then re encoded again. Whilst this presumably is how it works for XP to SP, it seems madness when transferring from SP to SP, as you would only create more artefacts by re-encoding the material.

Also – if I create a play list and dub it from the HDD to DVD-R using FR to optimise usage of the DVD-R – is there a way to ensure that the playlist titles get copied as separate titles, and not as one continuous piece of video. At the moment I have to physically press stop on the recorded at the end of the first playlist title in order to create a suitable “end point” on the disc. This is somewhat inconvenient when dubbing material as I’d prefer to go off and do something else and let the recorder get on with the job by itself.

Any HS2 users out there care to comment?

rob n

Standard Member
When copying from HDD to RAM or vice versa you can use the high spped dubbing mode which simply copies the data with no loss of picture quality.This does not apply to DVD-R where the data is re-encoded,this does lead to a slight increase in artifacts on the DVD-R copy which are more noticeable when played in another DVD player,in my case a Sony 905V (has anyone else found this?).

I shall have to find out about your second point.

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