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I've just replaced my HS1 for the HS10 but I'm having a problem with the mounting position. My HS1 was mounted on a shelf at the rear of the room with the lense positioned roughly at the centre of the screen. Picture geometry on my 7ft Draper was pretty good.

I've directly replaced the HS1 with HS10 and the picture is up the ceiling!. As my mounting alternatives are limited I'm forced to pack-up the rear of the PJ with a video cassette! :( (not good). The picture is now sitting perfectly on the screen with no geometry problems.

As the manual specifically says do not do this I was wondering if there is any technical reason other than safety/stability of the PJ. Are any other PJ owners doing a similar thing?.




If i'm getting the configuration right in my head, the back end is tilting downwards in relationship to the front.

Why not just turn the Projector upside down and run it as though it's ceiling mounted?

If you prop it up at the back then 2 things may happen, firstly it could slide off or drop off the tape and break something inside the projector, or by reducing the height of the gap at the front you cause the projector to overheat. A few people(me included) have had the HS10 shutdown when there's not been enough ventilation to the air filter on the bottom front of the projector. The HS10 does seem to be more sensitive to excess temperatures than other projectors. Which I think is a plus, as it will probably improve longevity.


Thanks for the feedback...

The latter scenario is correct, the rear of the HS10 is raised about 1" from the horizontal to get the projected image on the screen. This effectively means that the lens cover is vertical in relation to the floor.

Flipping the PJ as if ceiling mounted is a good idea and may be the last resort if I start to experience overheating problems as you have. I'll need to move the light fittings in the room as they would both interfere with the picture!!. I'm sure the wife won't mind.

Thanks again,



hi turl

as njs stated, the best thing to do is to invert the projector as if it was mounted on the ceiling

As you are already sitting it on a shelf, you could simply drill 3 holes i on the shelf, and use some long M5 bolts through the shelf in to the holes in the projector (allowing say 1" gap between the shelf and the projector to assist cooling)

Alternatively, I am having a wall bracket custom made that will allow the hs10 to go directly on a wall .. i will post details when its up and running..


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