HS10 just died


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My HS10 has given up after less than 200 hours. I have had the false start problem for a while but now it just starts for about 10 mins then dies with the orange / yellow 'lamp cover' light coming on

Any ideas what this is ? luckily it has 1 month of warranty left so it will be sent for a repair - again, any idea how long this will take ?

Could have been worse - had my daughters 6th bithday party last saturday with a cinema theme - if it had gone then I would have had to entertain 18 screeming kids !!



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The microswitch on the inside of the lamp cover may be faulty or out of adjustment causing the projector to shut down as it warms up. The two wires from the microswitch go to a connector on the main PCB. This may not be pushed in all the way or there could be a dry joint on the PCB.
Sometimes, if the projector is running too hot you will get the same effect.
Check the intake filter is not clogged up. Clean or replace if it is.


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I got my HS10 back today from Sony after nearly 5 weeks.

I had my lamp dim to about 25% output and the lamp bug returned with a vengance.

On the dispatch note they have said that they have replaced the lamp and the lamp door assembly.

I turned the PJ on and had a false start...not to happy

but saying that every other time i powered it up it was fine...so im hoping that was a 1 off.

Must say that the PJ has that WOW factor again :smashin:

Only thing is that Sony havent reset the lamp timer so if any knows how to do that please PM me:clap:

Common i hope that you get your HS10 sorted soon m8ty....just keep on at them


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Thanks guys - good service from Sony so far, made a call yesterday and they are sending a courier to pick the unit up today

Let's hope they beat the 5 weeks it took for yours Karl


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How is the picture from the Samsung 935 on DVI?

I'm just considering that player with my HS20


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very good - I have both the component and DVI connected from the 935 to the HS10 so I have the option of just changing the input if a dvd looks too bad - so far this has only happened on one R2 disc, all others (especially animated films) look great

give it a go, for £130 you can't really go wrong

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