HS10, HS2 and Piano 3100 and 3200 now available at av-sales.com


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Well the subject says it all really, go to AV-Sales to find out more. Would just like to say that any chance the Piano's had of competing with the Sony's diminished the moment they set their prices so high (almost £2750 for the Avanti! that's almost what it costs in US$ over the pond).

As mentioned earler tho, u can get it from Plus's Europe Shop (with valid warranty I believe) for €3499, which is £2300 pounds (only a little more than the HS10). Site specifically says it is designed to serve UK customers, as well as the rest of Europe.

Plus's uk site has also received an update. Contains all info about pianos, although some of it is just bs (Avanti apparently doesn't take Prog Scan, hmmm, maybe the reason why we've been waiting so long is cos Rapesco's been taking the time to disable features on each individual unit just to p*** us off that little bit more...).

I know nobody talks about these PJs anymore cos they never thought they'd materialise, but they have, and they're still well thought of on AVS and projector central, and u just can't argue with the onboard scaling/interlacing relative to what other pjs in this price bracket will offer. Or do the Sonys/Pannys (still coming soon according to AVsales) have something better? Amidst all this talk of CRs and Lumens, I just assumed the processing wasn't worth shouting about. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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