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I'm using a radeon 7500 hooked up to the HS10. Can anyone tell me how to interface these two items. At the moment I'm only projecting using normal monitor settings and getting about half the screen used.




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Have a look here http://***********/3t5m for more discussion on the settings to use. This link brings you to page 2 of the thread. I think you'll find the *golden answer* will be revealed on avsforum shortly before it'll turn up here.



Originally posted by desibeo
I think you'll find the *golden answer* will be revealed on avsforum shortly before it'll turn up here

Because they've got more "collective" brain power than us Europeans?

I don't think so.

I've sent the HS-10 dozens of resolutions/refresh rates in/around 1366x768 @ 56/60/72Hz, all using a Radeon 9700Pro graphics card.

Any/all it's accepted @
"#51 special 1366x768" displayed a black (grey) "overscan/frame" of 8/10 pixels all around.

Even in "MS (memory stick)" this border is clearly visible. It's even visible in standard 1024x768 @60hz :eek:

Apart from a "horizontal picture shift" function in the "service" menu, I've not yet found any setting that will rid me of this "framing".

IMO, assistance from Sony/firmware update is necessary to sort this problem - if at all.

Must say though, the pic via DVI is :eek: excellent :eek: . Pixel perfect (by Mark Rejon's DILA test chart) - I just zoom the pic until the "overscan" isn't visible with my screen's black border.

Much prefer a full "1366x768" screen area though - hopefully some day :(


Kramer, thanks for all the opinions and info (not to mention the delicious screenshots) you have provided regarding your HS10. I am waiting to buy one and it's great to hear so many real-life experiences with it.

As to 1:1 mapping and the border, did you consider this (from avsforum):

>>I think the biggest issue I have right now is the 1:1 border. >>This is an issue to anyone planning to use this function and >>other sources.
>In fact the blank boarder gives me confident that it's indeed >pixel perfect. Because the whole HS10 LCD panel is indeed a bit >higher than 1366x768.
>Well, the HS10 + short throw lens option is around $3500 I >guess...
>Li On

This fellow Li On(neither American nor European) seems generally to know what he is talking about and has rather extensive experience with LCD projectors, not to mention that he's incredibly picky and critical of most models he evaluates. I don't know if what he says in the above message is true or not but I sure would like to find out.

BTW, post some DVI screenshots when you get a chance! Thanks and happy holidays!



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What size picture are you using now with the HS10 and what size is the 8 pixel border, I'd like to try and work out if the 8 pixels will be contained on the screen border.



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Originally posted by Kramer

Because they've got more "collective" brain power than us Europeans?
No. Because there are a lot more of them and subsequently a lot more of them really into "Home Theater" (sic).

Undoubtedly there are tons of people on here just as knowledgeable and enthusiastic in this field but the NUMBERS involved do mean this kind of 'user located' technical info generally appears on avsforum first.

Now stop taking offence at an innocuous statement and get on with posting those new screenshots we're all waiting for! :)

...By the way I've made up my mind to get one of these babies, but it won't be until late February. Hopefully the price might even be down a bit by then (not so sure though).



Hi guys.

Thanx for the words of encouragement. Apologies - it did seem a little sarcastic :blush: . Just don't like it said that avs is better than avforums, whatever the reason.

At the end of the day, whether someone here/US/Japan etc... can "get rid" of the border using DVI, it won't matter & I for one will be a far happier bunny ;)

Li On's comment would seem to make some sense, as I believe the panels are actually 1388x788 approx.

What I am achieveing IS 1:1 pixel mapping - the DILA test pattern confirms this. Funny though that any number of similiar resolutions return the same results - although I am making some discoveries as time goes on :eek:

Why not try & send the PJ 1388x768 then? Believe me I've tried - without success :mad:

As I said, at the mo I zoom the pic until the "border" lies in the screen masking - the result is more than useable.

Will post some screenies later.

Again, anyone source me a CC40R filter??? Like looking for a needle in a haystack here


Originally posted by stevenr
Radeon and most other graphics cards will not be able to have a resolution of 1388. The horizontal resolution usually has to be a multiple of 16

i.e 1360, 1376 or 1392

so you either have 1:1 pixel mapping through mode at 1360 with a border as other people have said and use some kind of black masking around your screen or use a 1376 resolution and put up with overscan. Majority of tv's have overscan anyway and if you look at 99% WVGA projectors they suffer from overscan.
I've gotten my Radeon to output several resolutions which are not multiples of 16 :eek:

Your 2nd point I don't understand :confused:

I've sent the HS-10 1376x774 but it still displays the "border". The Window's desktop is cropped though.

The border is even on a 1024x768 standard resolution & the MS input (internal in the PJ).

There's no "through" mode available with DVI - these options are no longer available with DVI.

I've spent some time at this & IMO there is no way of ridding the screen of the border with DVI - but I hope someone will prove me wrong :(


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