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Feb 11, 2002
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I have made a - r disk on the hs2 how can i make a copy of this do i have to put it on the hard drive first or what?
You can't. You have to make all the copies you want from the hard drive in one go, as you are barred from copying a -r to the hard drive for copyrite protection reasons.
If it is not copyrite protected you could play it in another dvd player and feed the signal to the hs2 to record.

Always record everything to the hard drive first, then watch and archive or delete as you wish. This gives you the option of multiple copies and also allows nearly 8 hours at xp quality which you should always use for source material to be archived at FR quality after editing out the ads etc.
As Kenfowler states you cannot dub back to the HDD from DVD-R. Assuming you don't have a PC DVD burner your best option is to burn at least two copies (preferrably on different makes of disks) whilst the recording is still on the HDD. Also keeping a backup on a DVD-RAM would allow you to dub the recording back to the HDD and re-burn to DVD-R at a later date.

If archiving from VHS/SVHS/Betamax (etc) I strongly suggest keeping the original tapes.
Thanks guys
I am now copying via my Arcam dvd as its a home movie it copies ok

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