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Jul 31, 2003
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hi there,i've found some settings that are recommended from another forum but i'm having problems understanding what my new settings will be after applying the percentages and was wondering if someone here could be so kind to help.
below is what i have got:
these settings are all from the service menu in the w/b settings.
my original middle settings were :



could you possibly tell me what my new settings would be after applying the settings below?

Red Gain - No Change
Green Gain - Increase By 40.2%
Blue Gain - Increase By 210.6%

Red Bias - Decrease By 6.7%
Green Bias - No Change
Blue Bias - Decrease By 13.4%

any help would be greatly appreciated as i really cant understand how to do it.
many thanks in advance
Hope this helps

Watch out, my Bias settings are on top with the Gain on the bottom



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I think we should add a note of caution here!

LCD panels vary considerable with each unit, and everyones gain and bias levels will be set very differently at the factory.

So this information is actually fairly pointless. (sorry!).
It is not a good idea to adjust your own projector settings based on somebody elses experience.
Oops... I think I've just mis-interpreted your post... sorry!
Looks like your after some mathematical assistance rather than suggesting projector settings!

I can't add up very well! (or read properly it seems).
In my defense I've just had a general anaesthetic for a minor surgical procedure and my brain's still fuzzy!
Just to agree with what Jules has said. For example: according to your %s, blue gain needs to go to 450. It doesn't go that high on the HS10.
thats exactly what i thought,and why i got very confused.
i think the 210% calcuation must be wrong.i did check on the other forum but it definately said 210%.
will check it when my filter arrives in the next few days.
i really appreciate your advice.
I had the same problem as yourself as my original blue gain on "Middle" was also very high. So I used my "Low" as a starting point. I also changed the percentages slightly, but be awaire I used only my eye to adjust these setting compairing a white screen on a TV to the same screen on the projector so they may be well off. I will post them a little later but now I must run and get my 2 year old out of the swing. She's stuck:)

Setup a spreadsheet as shown below. My percentage changes are:
Red Bias -3.6%
Green Bias -2.4%
Blue Bias -3.0%
Red Gain -8.3%
Green Gain 46.8%
Blue Gain 156.3%

My original Low settings on DVI are:
Red Bias 137
Green Bias 127
Blue Bias 134
Red Gain 145
Green Gain 94
Blue Gain 71



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firstly,i'd really like to thank you comer for all your help.
sorry about this,i'm totally thick i think.
my original low settings on Input-A component are as follows:

red bias:137
green bias:127
blue bias:131
red gain:145
green gain:91
blue gain:91

if i was to apply your percentages would i be correct in saying my new settings would be as follows:

red bias:132
green bias:124
blue bias:127
red gain:133
green gain:134
blue gain:142

your help in this matter is really appreciated.
i really want to justify to my wifey paying out to upgrade from my hs-2.
and all this info is helping immensely.
I'll check mine later but as has been said, mimicking another's "changes" will be of limited use. Every PJ is different to start with, they change over time, different sources, viewing environments, screens, variations in filter etc.

Obviously the green & blue gains are the ones that need changing the most. I used Avia's IRE steps/fields to set my levels (never looked at those posted elsewhere) but they now need to be recalibrated.

As long as you take note of your original settings I'd say to experiment with your own setup. Get a copy of Avia & spend an evening tinkering until you've got a decent result.

Best of luck :)
hi kramer,cheers for looking in,much appreciated.
i do understand that every machine has different settings and are used in many different environments,i just thought if i used the percentages i should see some sort of improvement in the picture.
would the digital video essentials dvd do the same job as avia?
i'm expecting delivery of it sometime next week,or would i be better off getting avia?
cheers in advance
I have Avia & DVE but prefer Avia. DVE is too "bloated" IMO.

Having said that, I'm sure it has IRE 0-100 fields in there somewhere, if you can find them!!

Personally, I'd recommend starting at IRE 60 or 70 when setting up - far easier to detect excess blue, red or green etc & get a better result.

I'd suggest increasing the blue & green gains roughly like those mentioned above should get you near but you'll have to tweak your own PJ beyond that.

You're aiming for the "purest" whites & greys. Pretty clear if you're off - redish/bluish/greenish tint etc.

Best of luck.


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