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Hrlp Needed - Read FAqs, just need a few things clearing up...




I've been after a DVD recorder for a while but have recently come across the wonderful world of PVRs.

What I'm looking for is something to replace our old video recorder in the spare living room. We have a big family living in our house and we often split into two rooms you see.
We already have Sky+ in one room and want to get a PVR for use with normal Sky digital in the other room.

Just a little confused though in how it all works...

Ok,So, will a PVR be able to record Sky Digital and a normal TV Through arial?

Do you record like a video (ie. just set a time and channel) and it records? Or is there an interface like Sky+ (I dont want to pay any subscriptions).

How do you select what you ahve recorded? Is there a menu with dates an times?

I will be able to watch record Sky and watch normal TV for example?

I was looking at the: humax pvr 8000T - Will this do the job?

Sorry for the stupid questions.

Many Thanks


So, if I want to record Sky I'm best with a DVD recorder?

Isnt it possible to just set the PVR to record on a specific input?


The PVRs currently available will ONLY record from their built-in Freeview decoder(s). This means they just receive the MPEG stream and write it to disc (and at playback time it goes through an MPEG decoder to produce the TV output). For such a box to record from an external source in digital it would need to have an MPEG encoder within the box and while the electronics may not cost THAT much the licenec fees they'd have to pay would so no current box does this.

DVD recorders, on the other hand, DO contain an MPEG encoder so that they can digitally encode either the output of their buil-in ANALOGUE tuner or the input through one of their SCARTs

If it's Sky recording in digital that you want to achieve then it IS a DVD recorder and not a PVR that you need. OTOH the PVR's are a bit like a "cut down" kind of Sky+ but that can only (obviously) record the 30 Freeview channels. If most of what you record is one the "main" channels anyway then perhaps a PVR is a nice solution anyway?


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