HP w2408 - HP's new 24" display!


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It looks like the HP w2207 has a bigger brother. HP has announced the w2408, a new 24" monitor with HDCP and the ability to rotate for portrait viewing.


- 16:10 aspect ratio with a 1920x1200 native resolution at 60Hz.
- 400 nits brightness rating with a 1000:1 contrast ratio.
- 5ms response time
- Traditional CCFL backlighting
- 92% wide color gamut
- BrightView anti-reflective technology
- 160 degrees vertical and horizontal - wide viewing angle
- Integrated four-port USB hub, speakers and a headphone jack. [The integrated speakers are rear facing and output 2-watts per channel.]
- HDCP compliant


It looks like 24" screens are going to be more popular than 22" at this rate. The only disappointment is that I can't find out what panel this is. Also no price point yet.


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Been trying to buy one today...
John Lewis are £400....and Pixmania are about £365...
I'm told that it's a Samsung TFT, used by HP and Dell in their w2408 and 2407 models respectively. HP Dell and Samsung themselves just use different electronics and cases etc.
HP = w2408
Dell = 2407WFP
Samsung = SM245B
Same TFT, different electronics.

If anyone knows of a reason why I shouldn't get the HP version please let me know. It's for my PC to play games, surf the 'net and watch HD content.


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Was in John Lewis yesterday and saw the 20", 22" (again) and 24" iterations of this line

All look the same bar size. TN panels unfortunately. Brilliant when looking head on. Nice and bright vibrant colours thanks to the glossy coating. Same nice stand design that offers all manner of adjustment, even if footprint is a little big

Vertical and horizontal viewing - forget it. Move and inch either way and terrible colour shift. OK horizontal is more forgiving than vertical but I definitely would not buy unless you will be using it fairly head-on. But that goes for all TN's ;)


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I didn't realise it was a TN panel. I don't see the point of TN panels at the 24" size (well apart from the price of course). I can cope with my 22" being TN, but then again I look at mine head-on - I wouldn't buy a 24" TN panel though as the viewing angle is too problematic.


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Sit in front of a monitor with a TN panel, looking directly straight at it. Then move your head in any direction no more than 30cm. You will then see the colour shift and non-colour uniformity

Also many people do not view monitors head on. Depending on room layout and the desk used. I have a dual screen setup here and do not view head on. I also use my monitor for the Wii and thus move around


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What is a TN panel?
I view my 17" LCD from about 70cm and hope to upgrade to a 24". Do I need to be concerned about viewing position and is this the one piece of gear that one should see demonstrated before buying?


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What is a TN panel?
I view my 17" LCD from about 70cm and hope to upgrade to a 24". Do I need to be concerned about viewing position and is this the one piece of gear that one should see demonstrated before buying?

TN - Twisted Nematic
VA - Vertical Alignment
IPS - In Plane Switching
it's the type of crystal arrangement used. Article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TFT_LCD and some neat diagrams here http://miyahan.com/me/report/computer/070125_WUXGA_LCD/index2.html#LCDtype (sorry it's Japanese)

TN is the cheapest/worst type of LCD & the practical view angle is absolutely tiny. Colour & brightness shift occurs at a only few degrees.

Go demo, get a plain grey background such as the work area in Photoshop or the forum at HardOCP and you will see that instead of a solid colour you end up with a smooth gradiant from top to bottom.

The view angle limitation manifests more seriously at the top or bottom of the screen dependant on your view angle: either a very bright washed out strip at the bottom, a very dark strip at the top or both. The only way around this is to sit a long way back to narrow the angle enough.

For this reason I don't consider TN adequate for any screen size above 20" 16:10 widescreen, the very common 19" 5:4 is pushing it.

VA panels do the same colour & brightness shifting, but it's left to right and not as severe as TN

If you're going to use your monitor a lot or use it for anything requiring serious colour accuracy then IPS is best option by far


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Ok Thanks a lot.
If a TN screen is not recommended when going for a 24" flat screen monitor, then what other type of screen is there out there in my price range - £400 ?


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what other type of screen is there out there in my price range - £400 ?

for £400 you really aren't going to get 24" IPS, though the VA screens are fairly decent (& way better than TN) If you want to read up some more, great info here: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.aspx?catid=31&threadid=2049206

VA type screens (some of these are S-PVA, other are MVA, but I wouldn't get hung up on the difference)

lazy safe choices are the Dell monitors:
Dell 2407WFP A04 revision (If you fancy the Dell 24" try & find one of these)
Dell 2407WFP-HC (HC is wide-gamut, don't buy into the hype it really causes more problems by screwing up colour accuracy)
www.pcbuyit.co.uk are great prices for Dell & have a zero dead pixel warranty

Other decent choices:
LG 245 (good choice for gamers, very low lag)
BenQ FP241W (also more expensive FP241WZ & FP241WV)
Belinea 2485S1W - less obvious choice but just got an excellent review on www.prad.de (german so you need babelfish or google translator)


If you feel like finding a bit more to spend start considering:

N.B. All monitors mentioned have some kind of niggly problem e.g. crap component inputs, can't scale while maintaining the correct ratio etc. If you just want a computer monitor it's fine, but the holy grail of perfect PC monitor that is also great for consoles & DVD etc just doesn't exist.

IPS models
for affordable money 20" is the starting point for IPS
NEC 20WGX2Pro (widely considered the best 20" widescreen)
Dell 2007WFP (beware Dell 'panel lottery' some of these are VA)
Philips 200WP7ES/00 (beware other revisions, again Philips are known to change the panel type)

step up to 23" & you are looking at more like £500-£600 (Apple Cinema 23" is the only one I know of that's easy to buy these days, most manufacturers have ditched IPS at the low end of the market as it's so much more expensive

If you don't mind 4:3 ratio there are many choices of 20" & 21" IPS panels <£400, though I'm afraid I'm not so up to speed on these so you'll have to do a little homework yourself if you decide to go that route. 21" 4:3 is just as tall as 24" 16:10


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Thanks again - you have been a great help, especially with the first link which is very readable, even for a novice like myself. It also has good recommendations for LCD's for various purposes - just the thing I was looking for.


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Just ordered one from Laskys.com for £339 with free delivery.

The W2408H with hdcp... I saw it in the flesh at John Lewis - it's beautiful, hope it will turn out to be the perfect replacement to my boring, square 19" 1280 x 1024 monitor

Will post back once it arrives in 3-5days :clap:


Hi All,

Well I was hoping that some of you may already own this and could share some feedback.

I've just bought a HP w2207 which is the 22" younger brother of w2408

You probably think i'm nuts but I actually bought this to replace my dell wfp2407 A04.

Reason being, the Dell monitor began giving me a headache due to the high amount of energy beaming out of the monitor. I'm sure some of you could relate to the HP monitors being alot more gentle on the eye.

Well basically here i am staring at the w2207 head on. Like absolutely square on but there is a gradient on the monitor. Its darker on the top section and much brighter at the bottom half of the screen.

I've already arranged for a return. But, i was wondering if getting the w2408 would make a difference here. i mean I really like the screen just this colour problem here.

I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem with thier w2408 and if its recommended or not.

and yes, I still have the WFP2407 here with me :)



just got my w2408 a few days back. here are my thoughts. after reading tons of reviews and specs for 24" monitors in my price range, i was between the HP LP2465 and the HP w2408 and ultimately picked the w2408. i did not realize that the 2465 was a VA panel. i missed the glossy screen look i used to get viewing images / photos on my old CRT monitor and never thought the images looked as good on my last LCD monitor so i had high hopes for the w2408 and all it's hyped color features. the included software only offers calibration for VGA hookups and says none is needed or available via DVI (?).

out of the box it had two bad pixels. before i return it i'm trying to figure out if i want this or another monitor. the w2408 is very bright, even with manual adjustments. it also seems to have a very dominant bright blue shade. the colors are certainly vivid, as it touts, but almost to the point of seeming artificially pumped up. im getting a headache from using this monitor. i cannot seem to find any calibration tips or methods for this monitor online. any help???

the viewing angles are much different from my last LCD which was a non-glossy screen 19". with this one, you pretty much have to be exact dead center to see things properly. is this the case with all 24" TN monitors?

my biggest complaint is that all TEXT (Word, browsers, Outlook, everything) displays with a weird, slightly shadowy (ghosting?) look that i find really annoying. the look of the text reminds me of the clear-type feature that gets forced on users when doing some updates from windows. i checked and this is not the case here.

i appreciate all your help on calibrating this monitor and/or recommendations on models in same price range with better display quality, which is more important to me than features right now. im beginning to think that TN monitors in this size are all going to have these types of issues and wondering if going to a VA monitor will be the answer or do i really have to go broke on a IPS??? thanks!!

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