HP proliant.and a WOE is me

Discussion in 'Networking & NAS' started by oldosc, Feb 18, 2014.

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    I don,t know if anyone cares but FYI,I just pass this on.
    BIG Vaio laptop stolen in Rome, Experienced a total crash on my dell, (cornish storms did some weird things).lost OS, lots of prog (I had 4 drives)I also had Hyperos, and cloned lots..Hyperos disappeared from HD (all)so start again (have lots of data backup) Threw out dell, Bought a HP proliant Microserver
    for 150 quid(Amazon at the moment, offer because the new model has bigger HDD, hell I could sell HDD) installed WIN xp..Linux, seperate drives,really nice little machine.(you can pull the drives in 30 seconds and store hdds under the bed, (the monster is not computer savvy). Processor Turon N40l dual core...runs on about 20w or less and clips my old pentium 4 in most things. Quiet as a mouse..USB ports fast will down my .5 tetra external quick enough not to time. There are rumours that some geeks are adding a good Navida card and gaming.
    Am looking for a cheap dvd-r drive (there is a bay, but cant afford the HP ODD.
    Great thing this kit is Wife friendly..."golly is that all there is"

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