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HP photosmart 935 cracked tft screen

Discussion in 'Photography Forums' started by ihaventaclue, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. ihaventaclue


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    hi guys, i need some help, i have cracked the menu screen on my hp 935 which i bought recently on ebay (£100), so now screen is completely black.
    the ironic thing is it was the first time i had taken it out anywhere, so put some spare batteries inside the case, aahh hindsight what a wonderful thing.

    anyway, i took the camera to jessops expecting it would cost me £40-50 to get it fixed, but to my horror, they said it could not be fixed, only sent away for a reconditioned unit which would be approx £120, cripes i only paid £100 for this one i told them, they tried to reassure me that i could buy a 5 m.p for about the same money, i told them i didn't want a new camera just a perfectly good one to be repaired.

    if anybody knows someone that can repair my tft screen, that would be most fantastic. although the luck if had with this thing i won't be holding my breath


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