HP Omen 32" Monitor. Sound Output On Series S/X?

Hi, first post and this forum looks like the perfect place to ask this question.

I have an HP Omen 32 (OMEN by HP 32 32-inch Display - Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support). This monitor doesn't have speakers built in so I have a external 2.1 speaker setup with a standard aux cord. Normally this plugs right into my PC for audio.

For my Xbox One X, I used the optical audio out and plugged it into my Turtle Beach DSS (Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS review: Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS) that I've had since way back in the Xbox 360 era. Then I used the AUX out on the DSS to feed my speakers.

With no optical out, what is the best way to get audio to my speakers from a new Xbox Series console?

Now, I don't know much about audio setups, but this monitor does have some USB's on the back. Perhaps they can be utilized for audio? Why does it seem so difficult to hook up consoles to a standard speaker setup or did I just make a poor choice for a gaming monitor? Because I see many people saying their TV/Monitor's have audio pass through or their own optical outs, but all I see here on this one are a few USB ports and I'm not sure exactly how they would function for audio.

These are the speakers that I have as well: Creative A250


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The monitor has an integrated dual port hub (hence three USB ports) - they won't help with sound.

Your best bet is to get an HDMI audio splitter.

Its likely some wireless audio solutions will eventually come out
Thanks for the reply I google'd HDMI audio splitter and came up with a ton of options on Amazon.

I noticed most say 4k60Hz though. My monitor supports 1440P 75Hz officially and 90Hz overclock. And with the new consoles pushing 120fps potentially is there a recommended HDMI audio splitter than can handle 120Hz?

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