HP N40L Microserver & WHS 2011 Help & Ideas Needed


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OK! So far I've bought the server & WHS 2011

I have read all of part 3 owners thread

I want to maximise the full potential of this piece of kit. I know I need the mod BIOS which I need to find the link for. I believe there may be an updated NIC driver as well that I need to find?

I was thinking about loading the OS on to an SSD. This one to be precise OCZ OCZ PTL1-25SAT3-64G Internal 2.5" SATA SSD - 64GB at cheap prices | Pcworld Cheap & cheerful hopefully. I will install it on the internal SATA port. I know you need to write a text file to install WHS 2011 on any HDD less than 160GB. Has anyone installed WHS 2011 + Text file from a bootable USB stick? and does it work.

I am going to buy 2 of these 4GB Memory Sticks Kingston 4GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM Memory: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories which according to the reviews will work in this server.

Don't have any HDD's yet. Just taking my time. Ultimately it will be used to store my BluRay's/DVD's (movie only) and BackUp My Desktop PC & Wifes Laptop. The PC/Laptop BackUp will then be copied to an External 2TB HDD

I am thinking of using My Movies to stream to a media player.
What are your opinions on FlexRaid & StableBit DrivePool?

Opinions/Ideas Welcome.
Thank You


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Thanks i was looking for the right RAM on amazon and also just ordered a cheap and cheerful SSD from pc world to sort my proliant out later in the week. I know a lot of people have done the install from usb and i think you need to to install it on a drive under 160gb as you can't edit the DVD version. Personally i plan on modding the bios and then cloning my old install from the 250gb drive so won't be doing it but it should work. Once all the bits arrive my server should be working properly at last and not the lazy attempt i've been using so far, think i'll give stablebit a try as well, was going to go raid 5 but might just make sure i back up instead for now


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