HP Microserver Power consumption


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Hi all.

We have just purchased a new place, and always liked the idea of having a central source of media for various gadgets around the house to pull data from, also be able to backup digital photo albums from various sources around the house.

However, always wondered how much power these HP machines draw as they arent as tiny as your standard NAS systems?

I expect me to have 4 drives in there (WD drives... think they are BLACK, BLUE and GREEN revisions).

Do any of you have them set on a standby so come on only when data is requested or backups are scheduled?



I think it all depends on the OS you load.
If you use WHS there is a very powerful addin call Lights-Out Lights-Out – Green IT für Windows Home Server : Home Server Blog – Add-In. My server is usually sleeping and takes about 15 seconds to come out of sleep. Lights-out uses a client on your PC to wake the server using WOL. My various Squeezebox players have WOL built in. Once the server is running it monitors the PCs and mediaplayers, by either monitoring their state or a file in the case of Squeezebox. It all works very well. The only issue I have is that my mediaplayers do not support WOL to wake the server, so I use an android app for this on my phone.

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