HP Microserver N40L - 4K Video Output

Robert Simpson

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Hi Guys,
I have searched Google and this Forum but can't get a definitive answer.
Server is an N40L with an ATI 6450 card running 1080p no issues.
However, its TV upgrade time and Kogan are doing a 55" UHD for $1000AUD, after reading it seems that an ATI 7750 Low Profile might do 4K resolution and the R7 240 will for sure. Benchmarks show the 7750 to be more powerful though so am stuck between these two cards. The R7 240 is 30W max and definitely 4K but has anyone done 4K on the 7750?
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TV only has HDMI 1.4 interface, that limits display to [email protected], I'd wait until HDMI 2.0 4K TV's are about.

Also Windows assuming thats the OS your running on does not fair well with 4K displays unless you use the modern app system/interface as found in Windows 8.x

No idea of the micro server can take the right GPU but if it can keep in mind the above.

Robert Simpson

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True, but then again I use 1080p at 24 f/s so 4K at 30 f/s should be ok?

I am going to try the R7 card as it is 30W which is about the same as the 6450. Sells for around $120 AUD.

As a start to the upgrade I have installed Windows 8.1 - what a lot of fun that was! Seems that my 2011 BIOS isn't compatible. HP also now need an active warranty to download the latest BIOS, I spent ages on the website trying to see if I have warranty but in the end I found someone hosting the file (Ver. 2013.10.01 (A)). Then despite being a geek I couldn't get the BIOS instructions to work, the HP utility makes a USB key which fails to work so I then had to add KB.exe, the ROM file and flash.bat. Once booted I run the Flash.bat and it goes in. So now we have Windows 8.1 installed but display isn't full screen, N40L is giving 1080p and TV set to Full Pixel (just as in Windows 7 before & was perfect). I tried different drivers but it came down to using the ATI Manager to remove the overscan which is defaulted on. From what I read Windows 8 (not 8.1) would have been much easier. Hope this helps someone.

Robert Simpson

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Oh, forgot to mention strange Bluetooth issue:

In the UK for Xmas 2012 I got Microsoft Wedge Mouse & Keyboard, picked up a cheap Bluetooth adapter and all was great. Move to Australia and they stop working, they connect (pair) and work for a few minutes before stopping. This happens on all three machines running Windows 7 - how weird. Tried another Bluetooth dongle but same issue.

Yet, install Windows 8.1 on another machine and they work without issue. Link them to LG G2 phone and they work without issue. Link them to N40L now running 8.1 and still got the issue of them stopping working after a while. This is using the same Bluetooth dongle as the laptop with Windows 8.1 that works fine. It seems like the N40L doesn't like Bluetooth, got me stumped - again. I am losing my Geek powers!

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