HP Microserver n36l, WHS2011, XBMC & A49HA Remote


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My dream is to have XBMC running on my Microserver with WHS2011 and using my Logitech 1100 remote to control it...

I purchased this remote (RC118 with IR receiver IR603) with the intention of getting the supplied remote working, find the right codes on the Logitech software and then use the 1100 going forwards, however, I have fallen at the first hurdle and can't even get the supplied remote to work with the IR receiver!

The remote instructions say that no additional drivers are required (with Windows 7) which I believe WHS2011 is based on, however it basically seems to fail installing drivers. I can see in the devices that ehome Infrared Transceiver is there but has a "!" on it, trying to get Windows to find and update the driver doesn't work either?

I've searched all over the web for the last 2 evenings, but I can't seem to find anything that works!

Please help or put me out of my misery and tell me this is not possible on WHS2011.



I would give up.

WHS2011 is built on Windows Server 2008 not Windows 7. Your choice of OS is completely flawed. For xbmc Windows 7 is a good choice. For serving videos to an xbmc desktop WHS2011 is a good choice, but you will always find problems with drivers for devices intended for desktop use. If you must have server and client software on the same hardware you should choose a desktop OS.

IMO I would keep with WHS for storing and serving the videos and use a nettop PC running xbmclive or a media player (Dune, Popcornhour etc).

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